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located in Earth, a part of God Game, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Sora Heihatsutori Character Portrait: Amaya
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░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ AMAYA ░░░░░░░░░
_________________ demon jinn__________________________________
    Dɪᴀʟᴏɢᴜᴇ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✦ #33178b || Tʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✧ #0ea1bd
    Location ; Apartment, Cafe
    Mood; Exhausted, Blood-Thirsty, Angry
    Species; Human < Bird < Cat
    Date; 1st day //
    ooc; Aquilla gave me permission to kinda sorta control Sora. Yey~
XXXWith a start Amaya woke up to the sound of silence. She breathed in heavily and let the air out all at once, trying to calm her nerves. It wasn’t a nightmare which had awoken her, but the sound of her thoughts that even in sleep never seemed to go away. ’It is when we think we are alone that the walls we built break and our facades fall.’

With a rather loud groan she rolled her body off the chair making sure not to catch herself on her hands, and then stood up straight and moved toward the refrigeratorr, but not before she looked at the clock that read six am. She was dismayed when looking inside and found absolutely nothing. In a fit of exasperation Amaya walked back into the living room where she saw her partner sleeping without a care in the world. ’I could end his life right now.’ she brushed her hand against his cheek in fascination before the sudden urge to strangle him appeared and quickly she backed away from him.

Seconds later when she knew the impulse was gone she began to reach into his pocket, hoping to find money but once more to her displeasure she found none. And in a fit of restlessness she opened the window of their five foot story apartment and jumped out.

Within a matter of milliseconds she transformed into a bird that greatly differed from the one she used previously. As she flew above the city it seemed as though all the anger she had been feeling before fluttered alongside the wind and was forgotten momentarily.

The seconds passed by and she wondered whether or not looking for a coffee shop without any clue as to where one would be was such a good idea, and she concluded it wasn’t but to her amazement just as she thought that a bagel shop appeared before her. ’Luck.’

As the pink haired woman descended from the air she morphed back into a human and walked to the back of the store, hoping one of the employees was stupid enough to leave backdoor open. It was, and so making sure she turned invisible the demoness walked toward the bakery section of the store; where she quickly grabbed an assortment of bagels and snatched two cups of black coffee from the pickup line and then put all the items into a to-go bag.

It was easy stealing from the little shop when it seemed to be so crowded that no one in line could even move, and the frantic bustling of the workers didn’t even notice those around them.

As Amaya walked out the back door once more she wondered how she would get everything back to their apartment while it was still hot. An idea hit her though as a cab pulled up to the curb, seemingly waiting for a customer inside the store. Still invisible she set the bag by the front wheels of the taxi and then proceeded to open the driver’s door. With a quick jab to the man’s throat he couldn’t scream and suffocated to death. An apathetic look to her face indicated she felt no remorse for the demise of the driver. Sure, it wasn’t his fault but when was it really ever?

Amaya, now visible, moved the man’s body from the driver’s seat to the back making sure to stage it as a girl helping a drunken man into a taxi. No one paid attention but she could never be too careful.

Grabbing the bag from the front of the car she placed it in the seat next to hers, making sure to buckle it up. She did the same and was pleased to find that the man whom she had killed drove a more modern taxi with an iPhone GPS system. Not knowing how to get back to their apartment but having memorized the address she quickly typed it in and then hit the start button.
And even though not having driven a car for more than ten years – for she usually had others do that for her - she still remembered the basics and continued to follow the instructions of the voice. ”I do not remember people being such bad drivers before.”

▬ ✕ ▬

It only took her seven minutes to get back where the brat was and as she arrived at the door to their apartment she realized she left Sora alone. Unprotected. ”Fucking God-damn, that brat better not have gotten hurt.”Uncharacteristically Amaya fumbled with the keys and opened the door, a long sigh escaped past her lips. Awful Scarf was okay.

Amaya set the brown bag on the table in-between the chair she slept in and the couch which her partner was then occupying. Before anything else she pulled the two coffee cups out and gently placed them alongside each other, and then flattened the bag as a make shift plate for the five bagels. There were of course plates in the cabinet, but she was exhausted and wanted to sit.

”Wake up brat.” and to further her statement she threw a bagel at his head which in turn woke him up immediately. His dark blue hair was messed up and his eyes seemed to be frantically searching the area before they finally landed on her. ”Eat quickly. We’re going to do some research today so you better be bright eyed and awake because like Hell am I going to do it myself.”

She too then began to eat a plain bagel and as she took a sip of her too bitter coffee she couldn’t help but be reminded of herself.