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located in Aramnia, a part of There's No Way Out, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Liotche scratched his head awkwardly, wondering where he could find something to write on. Maybe the shops would have one...

"Hey, There's something I need to get before we enter the Coliseum, so I'm going off first." He said to the group, jerking his thumb towards the direction of the shops. Turning around, Liotche strolled away from the group, mentally calculating how much he had. It wasn't much, but if the price of items here were the same as his village he could probably get a notebook and pen with cash to spare.

Then again, considering how things were the cost of paper in this area would probably be more than he could afford. Or the only paper they had were pink and covered in fluffy unicorns and looked as though it was designed for five year old girls with an obsession with all thing girly, or there was no pen (which was fine since he could use charcoal sticks) or they had just ran out of stock and needed to wait next month, or -

Ok, this was getting stupidly depressing. He hadn't even reached the store yet, why was he thinking like this? Frowning deeply, Liotche increased his pace in an effort to get the thoughts out of his head - and promptly stepped onto a puddle of soapy water.

This morning, Ken Shiner was tasked by his mother to throw the dirt bucket of soapy water used to clean the house. He was on his way to chuck the contents of the bucket into a drain when someone bumped into Ken, causing him to spill the dirty water onto the ground. His mission of emptying the bucket (she never asked where to empty it) accomplished, Ken shrugged and went home, unaware that he had created a death trap of epic proportions.

It had already claimed six lives this morning. Liotche was the seventh.

With a shout, Liotche skidded across the slippery floor, his arms waving like a windmill. People ducked out of the way as he tried to regain his footing, only to fail as his foot came in contact with the slippery patch on the floor (it was a really large puddle). Loosing his balance even more, Liotche slid forward, his arms frantically trying to find something to hold onto as his face came dangerously close to the ground. Desperately, he tried to regain his footing again and much to his relief, his foot found dry ground. Staggering forward, Liotche mentally cursed the person who made the puddle and tried to move back into an upright position.

Moving a few steps forward in a manner which resembles a drunken man, Liotche stepped on a katana sheath.

With a horrible certainty that nope, he wasn't going to be able to stop himself from falling this time; Liotche fell forward. In a way which almost seemed as though he was moving in slow motion but was actually pretty fast (like how a few seconds can seem to last forever when you see and realise what's going to happen but can't move quick enough to stop it), almost as though time had stopped to let his brain realise what was going to happen, Liotche could see the scene like his soul had gone out of his body and was watching like one of the crowd.

He was falling face forwards towards the ground, directly above a young man with white hair sleeping on the ground beside a wolf and the katana he had tripped over. If the white haired man stayed in the same position, Liotche's stomach area (the place where the abs were) would land on the man's torso. His chin would hit the ground like a brick from the sky and even more importantly, it would hurt. A lot.

Then time sped up, his soul went back into his body and Liotche was falling forwards, his arms spread out in an attempt to stop his fall. 'Oh bugger.' he thought, gritting his teeth and bracing for impact.