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located in California, a part of Welcome Back to Hollywood High, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Jasmine Villegas Character Portrait: Shailene Lehman Character Portrait: Chadwick Arsenault Character Portrait: Catalina Perez Character Portrait: Linnaea Snow Character Portrait: Stella Hudgens
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Stella finally climbed away from the stool, grabbing the SmartWater bottle her mother provided. Hunger sated and plate empty, she was more than ready to go. She grabbed up her dance bag followed by her computer bag, walked around the kitchen island to kiss her mother's cheek, and then headed out the door with a "Adios, Mama!" over her shoulder. Closing the door behind her, she pressed the button to unlock her Nexus LX. Placing her bags in the passenger seat, she climbed into the driver's, started it up, and then was pulling out of her family's garage. Once on the road, her original destination had been Sienna's place despite knowing that the Devil Girl would not be there. However, she made a nice little detour and pulled into a very familiar yet long driveway until she stopped at the parking area of the Ambrosia Estate. She only brought her phone with her and headed inside, greeted by a few of her favorite staff members.

"Hola, Guadalupe. Cómo estás?" She exclaimed upon entering the massive estate. The woman in question, naturally voluptuous and in her mid-thirties, smiled at the Prep. "Muy bien, Stella. ¿Lo sabe la señorita Jazmín que estás aquí?" Stella had always loved that there were staff at the Ambrosia estate who spoke Spanish. It was beneficial for her since she rarely spoke her parents' native language, but also to Jas and her mom who were married to Italians. It became easy for some to forget their roots and she appreciated that Allie's father had cared that much. Stella shook her head in the negative at Guadalupe's inquiry as the two made their way to one of the stairways. "No, it's kind of a surprise." Guadalupe nodded before grinning. "The usual?" Stella beamed. "Sí, por favor. Gracias." She said with a small wave and Guadalupe turned to give an order of strawberry mimosa to the kitchen staff as Stella headed up the stairs. Luckily for her, she remembered the direction to go for Jasmine's room and wound up not getting lost, not like how they both did plenty of times in the past. Remembering those days had her giggling by the time she made it to her beastie's room and she leaned against the very much open door. "They can never say you aren't the most powerful twitter user for nothing. Luckily, I'm the one who gets to claim number one Jasmine V fan." She exclaimed, stepping into Jasmine's room with a grin.

Once the water trickled down to a stop, Chad finally stepped out of Honey's shower carefully, wrapping the towel she had provided him around his lean hips. The cool air emanating from her bedroom was a pleasant welcome after the very warm shower he had just had, his body feeling much cleaner and refreshed. He stopped at the mirror over the sink, eyeing the recent marks Honey decided to plant on his skin. Knowing her, he'd probably have fresh ones before the week even started. Not that Chad was being too innocent himself, he realized with a small flush. Still, he could already anticipate the teasing he would more than likely experience when he finally caught up to Shailene or even Sienna. He bit his lower lip at the former. He had forgotten to text her last night and she would probably still want to talk. Shailene was also one to hold a grudge, so he was expecting some kind of ice reception come Sunday or even Monday, and that was only if he didn't see her today. Hopefully, she would be distracted enough to not worry herself over him. Nodding to himself and reassured by that thought, he almost made it out of the bathroom when his gaze fell on the spare toothbrush Honey had given him when she had first led him to her bathroom. He could feel himself softening at the thought before walking out of the bathroom.

Chad found himself smirking lightly at Honey being curled up on the bed, napping. Despite wanting to get dressed, he walked over to the side she was sleeping on, stroking her high cheekbone with his thumb affectionately, allowing the digit to graze the soft skin there slowly before leaning down and kissing her forehead, not putting too much pressure as to wake her up just yet. He liked the idea of them just being Chad and Catalina here, just being together. Regardless of any drama, this space He didn't know what would happen with Linnaea or Ricky, or even when they would have to talk about where graduation would leave them. For now, this was okay. He was brought out from his musings by a knock on the door followed by someone opening it. Chad glanced back to see a teen, one of Honey's brothers he had presumed, giving him a wary and suspicious gaze. "So, you're the boyfriend, huh?" The guy asked and Chad honestly couldn't find it in him to be intimidated by a guy who wasn't that thick in muscle nor as tall as him, but he didn't understand the skepticism the guy might have had in relation to his connection with Honey. Chad rose and walked over to the door, taking the clothes from Nicky's (he would learn that later) hands. "Yeah, I am. If you don't mind, I'd like to get dressed and I can't do that if the door is open." Nicky reluctantly lowered his hands, glanced over at a sleeping Honey, before sizing Chadwick up. "Just messing with you, dude. But no funny business in here or we'll kill you." It would have probably felt like a plausible threat had it been anyone other than Chadwick, whose entire life had been filled with bodyguards and some slimy-looking guys his father was affiliated with. But he nodded nonetheless and closed the door upon Nicky's retreat. Glancing back at his sleeping girlfriend, Chad decided to go into the bathroom to finish drying off and getting dressed. Once finished, he returned to the bedroom to use some of the lotion he saw that wasn't Honey's typical 'girlier' fragrance, but something a bit more neutral. Afterwards, he headed over to the bed and sat beside her still form, a hand on her shoulder. "And here I thought I was the one holding us up," he said aloud before kissing her cheek, close to her mouth in an attempt to rouse her awake while brushing fingers over her sides to see how ticklish his favorite little crooner could be.

Shailene was using her Bluetooth as she drove to Linnaea's place, talking to her favorite photographer. "Avez-vous besoin d'autre chose, Mademoiselle Lehman?" Ralph asked and she considered it for a second before deciding, "Oui, se il vous plaît. Si nous pouvions avoir vin et des collations légères, je serais très reconnaissant." Wine and light snacks would be able to hold the girls over until their dinner or lunch, depending on how long they stayed at the studio. Providence would be a great end to their little modeling time. Afterwards, she considered going to one of the bonfire parties at the beach by some college students, a few of whom were Hollywood High School alumnae. It would definitely be fun and besides, while she wasn't forcing Linn to do anything, she also thought a few college guys could do them both some good. They would be close enough to Richard's beach mansion (because she refused to call it a house) and could stay there for the night to be treated to a lazy Sunday filled with homework and pampering there since she could get a team from Caudalie over to them tomorrow to complete the girl weekend. "Bien sûr. Je ai hâte de vous voir bientôt." Despite not being able to see the very attractive and married man, Shailene smiled widely. "Tu es le meilleur, Ralph. Merci beaucoup." Once that call was complete, it took her another five minutes to get to her blonde friend's home. Once there, one of the valets took her car and Shailene stepped into the beautiful estate, greeted by her second-favorite Snow resident, Alice. "SHAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!" The brunette exclaimed as she practically attached herself to Shailene's waist despite her tiny arms not being able to fully enclose the Royal. Shailene grinned down at lovely blue eyes. "Bonjour mon amour. Comment allez-vous?" Like always and mostly because she was still learning, Alice took a moment, her lower lip jutted out adorably as she considered her response. Soon, though, she was speaking again. "Je suis grand. Je vous ai manqué. Vous ne avez jamais me rendre visite." She finished with a deeper pout, signifying her distress at Shailene not having visited her as much during the summer. Shailene giggled and tried to walk, but Alice was relentless in her grip and only seemed willing to allow the Royal cheerleader to drag her along. "I'm sorry, sweetie. I'll plan something for us one of these days, ok? Where's your sister?" Alice's eyes became impossibly brighter and she held out her small pinkie. "Pinky promise." It wasn't a question, it was a demand and Shailene surrendered every time. Children just seemed to have that kind of power over her. She looped their pinkies with a firm, "Pinkie promise." Alice beamed before saying, "Linnie's in her room pouting. She only went riding for an hour this morning." The information sunk in for Shailene who only frowned for a moment, still upset that her friend had chosen to ignore her text. It was likely that Linn had simply missed it, but still. No, they weren't going for depressed today. They were going to have fun and that was it.

After seeing Alice off to her playroom, Shailene made her way to Linnaea's bedroom, tapping the door hard. She wasn't here to coax Linnaea out of the house. She was demanding. "Like I told you, we are having a girls' day, missy, and you're going to like it. So, you better be dressed in there and have a bag packed."