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In all honesty Sérëdhiel did not mind the rooming situation. Sure it wasn't exactly ideal, but out of the entire group she'd rather be with the mortal king. She couldn't bare being around Legolas, because he was so different from the elf she'd known. Aragorn allowed her to enter first and their was only one bed, not that she'd be sleeping. It just seemed strange to her, then again humans were strange to her. The King allowed her to bath first she thanked him before disappearing her body was sore from the exhaustion of her visions and the loss of Fillin. It was still painfully fresh however the longer she soaked the better her body felt.

Eventually she had to get out, while Aragorn bathed she readied herself taking her time. She dressed appropriately, before doing her hair up very formally she looked different, much like she had before she'd been forgotten. She looked less wild and more put together, it was easy to see then why Legolas had fallen in love with her in the first place. It was likely a sight Legolas had not seen nor other who did not know her before her disappearance.

"Legolas has seemed in a much better mood this least until he found out that his sister was to stay with Haldir." the man spoke to her as she finished threading the crystal like jewels through her raven colored hair and she glanced to him. He looked handsome, she was dawn to him in a way she couldn't quite explain. She'd always love Legolas and she was bound to him, but Aragorn made her want something different, he almost made her want to be mortal.

She smiled back at him as she stood from the wooden desk she sat at. She took a step towards him. She felt that familiar warmth between them, it was nothing compared to what she felt when she stood close to Legolas, but there was something between them. She ignored the feeling, he was married, happily married. She kept telling herself, it was not known for elves to be unfaithful or to wreck someone else's life because of their own selfish, however Sérëdhiel wasn't like other elves, she was dark, heartless, and vengeful. The darkness was gripping her very light waiting for the right time to rip it from her. On a technical she was on Burzum's side, she just couldn't bare the thought of letting Legolas parish and that was why she'd come to warn him.

As much as she hated what people thought of her, referring to her as a witch and a monster, that's exactly what she'd become. "He's only in a better mood because he feels as though he's done me a justice." she said simply, though their was bitterness in her voice. "He will never be satisfied and it's going to kill the things he holds dear." she shrugged. "No matter though, I refuse to play his selfish games. I will not be one of his pawns." she breathed holding the kings eyes letting him know she was dead serious. "Enough talk of him. I must say I'm rather glad I will be rooming with you over the next few days, It is always a pleasure to be in your presence." she breathed as she took another step forward leaning in and kissing his cheek gently, letting her lips linger their for a moment longer then a friendly kiss, before pulling away and giving him a soft smile.

There was a small tug in the depths of her heart, it was her binding to Legolas as she kissed another's skin. It was ever present, but the pain had faded long ago when she'd sworn his memory away, but she knew even then it was no use. She realized now that their binding was so strong that even if he broke it, she'd still feel him with her and she almost hated him for that.


Haldir didn't mind the arrangement, he felt like he was doing what he was meant to when he was closer to Aeweth. There was a feeling od discontent when he wasn't close to her that he'd come to learn he hated. He felt his self growing too close to her, not that he'd stop it. He was drown to the young princess, the fact that they weren't speaking at the moment was agonizing. He wanted to apologize to her simply because he wanted to hear her voice, he wanted to hug her and hold her in his arms. He shook the thought from his head as they were taken to their room and he allowed the younger elf to go in before him.

She did not speak to him, simply slipped into the bathroom and readied herself. Their room was quite and it was frustrating him. He slipped into the bathroom without another word, bathing himself and thinking on how to deal with the situation. She was just as stubborn as he brother. He figured though, it was in both their best interests if he just got it over with and apologized to her.

He dressed in something a bit nicer then his usual Marchwarden attire. Legolas would not be pleased if he did not dress properly. It was just a dinner, with the mortal King of Rohan and his court, however they would be discussing several very important matters. Some of which would concern him others, that would not. The thought alone was exhausting, but they'd need Rohan on their side if they were to call upon back up.

He emerged from the bathroom when he was finished reading himself, his hair was braided back much more formal then usual. He cleaned up nicely. His eyes feel upon the princess and he was taken back by her beauty, ever time he saw her, he could swear he was seeing her for the first time, she'd grown up beautifully. He sighed softly before he spoke.

"I apologize for the way I acted. It was unlike me and I am unaware why I acted so." he said crossing the room and walking over to her he grabbed her arm gently turing her to face him. "I did not mean to hurt you, that was not my intentions and It will not happen again. I am here to protect you and that means all of you, including your emotions, my princess." he said honestly dropping his hand from her arm. "I understand though if you do not wish to speak to me." he finally finished allowing her time to speak if she wished.