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located in Aramnia, a part of There's No Way Out, one of the many universes on RPG.




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(Gives a chicken sandwich)

Liotche landed on the white haired man with a loud thud, his arms covering his face to keep it from landing on the ground. Although his armor had decreased the impact, it still hurt and knocked the breath out of him, causing him to lie unmoving on top of the white haired man. The now awake white haired man wheezed out from underneath him "You know... If you did that without the armor...That would have been better..for both of us."

The only answer Liotche could get out was a small, winded "Nnngh." It sounded somewhat like an agreement.

He continue to lie face down on the ground as the white haired man slowly got up, catching his breath and doing a mental checkup on his body to see what damage it had sustained. Vital systems good, weapon and back unharmed, torso hurt like it had been hit with a hammer, chin was ok (thank goodness - the blow would've caused a huge bruise) arms were in pain too, but overall there was no lasting damage and geez could whoever was making that noise shut up -

Liotche looked up with a scowl and went very, very still. 'Great,' he thought sourly, staring at the angry growling white beast before him. Detachedly, he remembered seeing a white furry blur beside the guy as he fell; maybe it was his pet. Looked like Mrs Jerphri was right after all; the world was a dangerous place. Just his luck to trip over someone who owned a pet wolf-dog and wow it's teeth were really white and sharp...

Then the white haired man he had fallen on pulled it back and Liotche suddenly realized that he had been staring at its teeth. He teared his gaze away as the white haired man reassured him that his pet was actually pretty friendly. 'yeah right,' Liotche thought sarcastically, getting back onto his feet. 'As friendly as a cat is to mice, maybe.' Although now that it wasn't growling at him it actually looked pretty cute...

Nonono, what was he thinking, it had wanted to kill him just now. Turning to face the white hair - I mean, Arcedies, Liotche shoved any thoughts of cuteness out of his head and took his hand.

"My name's Liotche." He answered, giving Arcedies hand a brief shake. "I don't consider falling on someone as a greeting either, but some idiot left a soapy puddle on the ground and well..." Liotche trailed off darkly as he remembered what happened. How embarrassing; luckily his new team hadn't seen it. He would have to pay more attention to his surroundings next time.

"Anyway, sorry about that." He continued apologetically, wondering if anything had been damaged in the fall. Hopefully not, Liotche wasn't sure if he could afford to repair anything expensive. "You use a sword too?" He asked curiously, noticing the katana Arcedies was holding.