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She was surprised when Haldir spoke, breaking their silence. Though, she did not allow it to show. "I apologize for the way I acted. It was unlike me and I am unaware why I acted so." The older Elf made his way to her and took hold of her arm, turning her so that she was now facing him. Aeweth turned her gaze up to the Marchwarden, allowing him to continue. "I did not mean to hurt you, that was not my intentions and It will not happen again. I am here to protect you and that means all of you, including your emotions, my princess." Haldir released her then. "I understand though if you do not wish to speak to me."

The Princess was silent for a moment, simply allowing Haldir's words to run through her mind once again. She could easily tell that he meant the words. She sighed softly before she closed the distance that was between them. She slid her arms about the taller Elf, pulling him into a tight hug. He would never know how much he meant to her. She absolutely couldn't stand the thought of them being at odds and was glad that they were slowly moving past the previous night's events.

"Haldir.." She breathed into his chest. "Of course I wish to speak to you." Could he not see how their silence had tormented her? "It tears at my soul when we are fighting." She was being honest with him and it was clear in her actions. It had been horrible for her..not speaking with the older Elf. "I..fear that I must apologize as well. I was not kind to you."

She was still feeling terrible for the way she'd treated the Elf the day before. She wished to make things better between them. She pulled back slightly, her gaze on the Elf once again. Her gaze held great care for the Elf that she was standing so close to. She slowly slid her arms about Haldir's neck, suddenly bringing them close once again. She then leaned up, plaving a lingering kiss upon his cheek. A moment later she released him, saying that they likely needed to meet the others before Legolas became worried.



After some time had passed, Legolas finally got out of the bath and drained the tub. He then moved about the bathroom, drying himself fully. He then dressed, making sure that there were no wrinkles or any dirt on his outfit. He then brushed out his long hair, not bother to put any braids within it. He simply brushed it back as his father usually did. Only once he was ready did the Elf King place his crown upon his head.

He looked every bit the part of Elf King by the time he finally exited the bathroom. Valaina turned her gaze to him, smiling at the sight of him. "My King, you look ever so handsome." Legolas nodded to her, forcing a small smile upon his face. The woman the went to get ready. She did not take as long as he had but when she exited, she was dress as a future queen should be.

When they were both ready, Legolas offered his arm to the woman. The moment she took hold of his arm the King felt pain at her touch. He ignored it, leading the woman through the hall. He knew that the others would be arriving soon and it would not do good for them to be late. It did not take the King long to reach the dining hall. Éomer was already there, sitting with a few of the importants of his court. The Human king was not married and so no queen sat by his side.

The air of the hall was light as all those already gathered chatted. Legolas and Valaina approached the king and greeted him. "King Legolas, I do hope that your lodgings were satisfactory. Should any of your companions need anything, you've but to let me know." The Human said, a small smile on his face. Legolas thanked him for his kindness before taking a seat next to Éomer.

Legolas chatted with the Human and slowly the group that the Elf King was traveling with joined them. Only those of royalty were sat at the head table with Éomer, the others given seats where they could easily look up at the larger table. The Elf King was most glad when his sister was given the seat on the other side of the mortal King. It was easy for the male Elf to see that Éomer was immediately taken with his sister. "Legolas, why did you not tell me that you're sister was so lovely?" He asked Legolas before turning his gaze to the female at his side.

The meal began and there was much talking amongst those within the hall. For the time being, the air about them was light. It seemed that Éomer was in no hurry to discuss the more serious topics that they would need to speak on. Instead, he had given his full attention to Aeweth, the two of them speaking for the entirety of the meal. His sister's laughter lightened his heart. It had been some time since he'd seen her in such high spirits.

Slowly, the meal came to a close and those that were not in the Fellowship or in the immediate court were sent from the hall. The doors were closed and guarded. It was clear that Éomer did not wish any to hear what they were getting ready to speak of. "Now, we can speak of more important matters." He said, his voice commanding. "Come, friends. Join us up here. There is now plenty of room for all. I would prefer not to yell unless there is need."



Sérëdhiel smiled at him and Aragorn returned it, watching her as she took a step closer. He felt an odd warmth that seemed to flow about them whenever the female was near. It confused him. He loved Arwen, had fought for her. So why, then, did this female seem to draw him in? Her voice broke the silence, the Human suddenly giving Sérëdhiel his full attention. "He's only in a better mood because he feels as though he's done me a justice. He will never be satisfied and it's going to kill the things he holds dear. No matter though, I refuse to play his selfish games. I will not be one of his pawns. Enough talk of him. I must say I'm rather glad I will be rooming with you over the next few days, It is always a pleasure to be in your presence."

He allowed her words to wash over him as he watched her. The female moved closer again, placing a lingering kiss upon his cheek and as she finally pulled away a smile was on her face. "I am most glad as well, my friend. I am glad, as well, that you are not allowing Legolas to get to you. Even I can see how he has changed and it saddens me. But, there is only so much that we can do to help him. He must help himself. Now, give me a few moments. I should very much like to clean up before we are needed."

Aragorn moved from Sérëdhiel then, heading into the bathroom. He was quick to bathe, cleaning himself up. He then changed into a more appropriate outfit, one befitting that of the King of Men. Then, he tamed his hair, pulling part of it back so that it did not look nearly as messy as it normally did. When he was ready, he exited the bathroom and rejoined Sérëdhiel. "We should head down to the dining hall. It will not look good if we are late. There is much that we must discuss this night." Aragorn offered the woman his arm, more than happy to escort the female down to the hall.