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located in Earth, a part of God Game, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Tohru watched as Rima began to clean. It was odd, he felt a heat in his cheeks from her words earlier. Shaking that off with haste he spoke up.

"Uh, Rima. Should you be touching this crap on the ground?"
Tohru asked raising an eyebrow in concern. It seemed to him that cleaning in such a manner in a place like this would lead to some sort of horrible disease.

Rima was busy cleaning, not paying attention to Tohru what so ever.
"Hm?" She questioned, realizing he had said something to her. She laughed at his remarks,
"Nah! Its fine! Besides, someone has to do it" She tried to put it across as though she had to take care of them, but in reality she just enjoyed the thrill of cleaning.

Rima stood up and wiped her forehead. "Although, you could help to.." She sighed throwing him a rag. "How about you wiped down the sink?" She asked pointing to the filthy sink.

He watched her with a slight disgust as she spoke. Then out of nowhere she threw him a rag.

"What? You presumptuous wench. I, I do not clean."
Tohru scowled at the rag in his hand before dropping it limply onto the ground. She was insane. Completely insane.
"Rima, we should plan our path of attack instead of playing house."
Tohru walked over to her, ears back, tail twitching grouchily. He grabbed her wrist, his claws almost digging into her.
"This is retarded. Cleaning is for old Latinas."

Rima grumbled to herself as Tohru was apparently unwilling to help clean. "Well excuse me, and I thought cats liked to clean themselves.." She commented quietly.
As she continued she tried to ignore Tohru. She blushed at his remarks of
playing house, but that quickly faded as she was suddenly pulled up to her feet by Tohru.

"O-Ow!" She said feeling his claws against her skin. "Tohru! That's horrible," She sighed, yanking her hand away. "And be careful, I'm not a demon like you." She said rubbing her wrist.
Rima let it go as she puffed air, "Anyway, plan of attack? Why?" She asked, not fully understand what she had to do in this game.

Tohru watched her with narrowed eyes as she spoke. Then one word in particularly stuck out to him. Cat. Cat? CAT? Tohru felt a hot blast of anger rush through him. Raising his hands and holding them out a bit from her neck in a choking pose he sucked in his breath sharply before sighing and letting his hands fall.

"We kill people you buffoon."
It was like she hadn't been paying any attention to anything. "But, if you'd rather, you just give me agency and I'll uh, I'll handle it."
Tohru grabbed her hand gently trying to win her over on this.

Rima got frightened for a moment as his hands approached her neck. But, they quickly fell down as he let her words go. Rima crossed her arms as Tohru went on his rant.

He surprisingly grabbed her hand, in a much more gentle manor this time. She put her mouth to the side, staring at the demon in front of her. "BAD KITTY." She stated hitting his head once again. "No. Just tell me what we have to do to survive," She sighed as she took a seat on the dusty couch, crossing her legs.

"Uh, we kill everyone else." Tohru shrugged. "Or we could hide like little bitches in a rainstorm." Tohru frowned at this, his eye twitching a bit. She hit him again, that was going to take some getting used to. He didn't like dealing with this woman, no, this child. Not one bit. She couldn't see the big picture. He leaned on her shoulder.

"Am I really that bad of a kitty?" Tohru asked his voice changing into a softer tone.

Rima looked the other way, sitting as though she had so much pride. She quickly turned her head once he started revealing the game. "K-Kill?" She repeated, a little in disbelief.

She frowned as she thought about hitting him again, only to be quickly stopped by his following words. Rima froze. She looked over to him slowly, still not making eye contact.
"N-No..." She said raising her hand, as she stroked his head softly petting him.

He was about to say something snappy but all thought was interrupted. He felt something he had not expected, nor wanted. Her hand was petting him. Petting. Him. His eyes widened in shock and he tensed up.

There was a big poof! Then cherry blossoms flew about everywhere and where Tohru had been sat a smaller, childlike version of him. The child had a big bushy tail and enormous eyes.

β–¬ βœ• β–¬
The innocent little boys voice said. His ears now almost looked too big for his head.
"I didn't want you to see me like this..." The boy looked away curtly blushing.

Rima felt him tense under hand. "What? Whats wron-" Before she could finish a big cloud of air filled the room, followed by cherry blossoms. She frantically coughed and wiped the blossoms away as she tried to see through the fog.

When it cleared, Tohru was no where to be found. She heard a small voice and looked down, seeing...Tohru!? She gasped as the smaller adorable Tohru stood before her.

She didn't say anything, she just stood still. After a minute or two had gone by, she burst.
"C-C....CUTE!!" She screamed picking him up abruptly. She rubbed his cheek with hers frantically in excitement. "You're so cute!!" She screamed as she laughed, spinning him in the air. She hugged him tightly to her chest, refusing to let him go.

"Are you really the grouchy Tohru that was here a moment ago??" She asked still not convinced.

Tohru saw her face change and just as he was about to run away scared for his life, she picked him up and began to molest him with affections. Nuzzling and squealing and hugging. . . .He wasn't sure how to respond he just sat there, nay, dangled there eyes as wide as possible.

"Uh. . . Yeah, it's me. . . Hey!! I am not grouchy!" Tohru pouted. His baby face puffing out a bit as he did. "I'm not cute ei-" Then it hit him. It all became clear, all of it.

"Rima-swaaan~ you're so silly." Little Tohru giggled and played with her hair. "Hug me more Rima-swan!" Little Tohru hugged her around the neck. His more childlike side taking over. "So, I wanna be having agency, would you give me agency?" Tohru asked his eyes wide with an innocent smile on his face. It was like in anime where sparkles appear out of nowhere.

I've got her right where I want her! He thought, maintaining his facade.

Rima giggled and squealed, hugging him to her content. She looked down at his pouty face and nearly fainted. But what came next clearly put her over the edge.

Suddenly Tohru's attitude fit how he looked. He became clingy and hugged her back, saying various cuddly lines. She hugged him tightly and snuggled him close.

"Yes, yes! Whatever you want little Tohru!" She said with heart shaped eyes. Rima giggled and practically drooled over the small child.

Tohru chuckled quietly at first but then it developed into a more powerful laugh. Then just as she said "Tohru" he was big again. A smirk painted on his face.

"Agency is mine!" He pumped his fist in the air victorious. Then looking down at her he smiled more pityingly. "Thank you. . . I now have free will. . . I can act as I please again!" Tohru cracked his knuckles and began heading for the door. "Whistle if someone attacks you~" He said over his shoulder.

Rima was fully enjoying her time with her little Tohru, until another poof! filled the air, and with that, he was big again. She looked up to see her hugging him and quickly jumped back.
β–¬ βœ• β–¬

She chuckled slowly, "W-What....?" Not realizing what she had done. "Oh. . .Shoot!" She said racing towards the door. She quickly jumped on his back, tackling him down. "WAIT JUST A DARN MINUTE!" She yelled. She sat up and looked down at him, "You tricked me!" She growled.

Rima crossed her arms and frowned as she tried to think of a plan. "Fine! You can have your agency or whatever, BUT, since you tricked me, I have a condition." She said sternly.

"You can go out and do your thing, BUT, once you get home, its Hubby time!" She shouted.
"Whenever you come home you will act like my husband, You see, I always dreamed of marrying a handsome, loving man. . ." Rima looked off with stars in her eyes. She quickly came back to reality as she shook her head. "A-Anyway, if I die ill never know what it would've been like. So when you're home we act like a husband and wife, alright?" She finished.

Tohru yelped as she violently tackled him. In any other situation he'd be fine with a cute girl on top of him. Although this time she was mad, and this wasn't some little floozy he had found in the slums. This was his master. If she told him to kill himself he'd have too.

"H-husband??" Tohru yelled back. He was about to tell her off, call her off but then his mind drifted around into what marriage meant.
"Rima for godsake! I never knew you had such... Such... Lewdness within you!" Tohru blushed picturing Rima in a skimpy outfit cleaning house saying "O kaeri!" A cute little welcome home in Japanese. He got lost in this thought. Quickly nodding his head he spoke up still blushing.
"You must act like my wife in return!" Tohru said and then laid there eyes slightly widened, mouth clamped shut, blushing wildly. β€œWhich means you belong to me!" He felt heat rushing all over. What was he even saying right now? He was losing it!

"You will have to-to kiss me and, all sorts of things!" Tohru turned all red and stared at her.
"N-now, can you get off me, darling the neighbors will think things they shouldn't." Tohru said struggling to maintain composure.

Rima kept a straight face...till Tohru spoke. When she picture a husband and wife, she was picturing him coming home and them sitting on the couch, talking about their day. Or in the morning her making breakfast and pouring him a cup of coffee, but Tohru's mind was clearly elsewhere.

"L-L-L-Lewdness!!??" She stuttered nervously. The word alone almost made her faint, but Tohru continued. Rima's heart beat raced wildly, her head spinning. Instead of the usual calm and composed Tohru, he was blushing, and spouting weird phrases, not befitting his character.

"K-Kiss??" She repeated again in disbelief. She had no idea what to do or say. "A-All sorts of THINGS?" All she could do was repeat what he said, hoping the second time around it'd make sense to her. What the devil was he thinking she meant pretending! Tohru stood, patted her on the head shakily and then walked out the door into the cool evening air.

Damn that woman, making me feel things I wanted to forget. . .