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located in California, a part of Welcome Back to Hollywood High, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Chadwick Arsenault Character Portrait: Catalina Perez
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Honey faintly heard Chadwick say something about holding them up and felt his soft lips gently kiss her cheek before gasping awake when he tickled her. She giggled and squirmed away from him before sending him a smile. If anyone else had tried to tickle her she might have flipped out but she didn't mind Chad watching her squirm and let out ungodly giggles. Giggling she captured him in her arms and pulled him down on her. with a grin, she crossed her legs against his back and murmured against his mouth, "You took too long and it's very hard to focus on sleep with a hot guy in my bed." She gave him a devilish grin, "Especially when I have so much fun slowly turning you into a cheetah. "

"You should probably text Shay I imagine she's worried about you." She said when she finally released him with a playfully nip at his ear. Indiscreetly, she let her eyes roam him. She always liked his preppy style, it was a typically a stark contrast to hers but nevertheless a constant reminder that he really liked her exactly how she was. "You look cute Chaddy,", she said slipping out of bed.

She walked over to him and frowned a bit. She reached Chad's chest and had to look up to look at him. "See this is what I'm talking about." Her nose crinkled up and her brow furrowed. She shook her head before walking over to her closet and pulling on a pair of 5' wedges. Once she walked back over to him she smiled. She was now face to face with him, exactly how she liked it. After proving exactly how convenient heels were by kissing him until he had an adorable blush tinting his cheeks, she breathlessly murmured, "There's no way I'm wearing these at the beach so you'll just have to life me up all day or something because I like easy access to you."

It was becoming increasingly obvious that they would not get much done is her bedroom so she slipped on her sandals before taking his hand and leading him to the kitchen where her family had congregated. "This is Chadwick." She said smiling at him before training her eyes on her sibling. "You will not use him, You will not flirt with him, you will not threaten him, and I swear on everything Ally if you touch him I will hurt you." With that she picked up baby Gino and blew a raspberry on his chubby face before nuzzling him lightly. "His formula is in the fridge with instructions and if you have any issues call his nanny or me. His favorite toy is the blue rabbit." She set Gino down in his play pen and waved her fingers at him before returning to Chadwick.

"Seriously?! Catalina fucking Perez finally got tied down. We need to commemorate this" Priss said with a grin. A few pictures and a little while later they were standing in her lobby. As she posted the picture she noticed a girl, maybe a freshman at HHS taking a picture of them. She simply lifted his hand to her mouth and gently kissed his knuckles. "You should drive since I don't know where I'm going and I can't see past my steering wheel now."