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Snippet #2588853

located in Airdalen Highschool, a part of Love School Drama, one of the many universes on RPG.

Airdalen Highschool



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Character Portrait: Momo Yakamoto Character Portrait: Bishop Trander Character Portrait: Daniel Trist
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Bishop Trander

Bishop awoke rather late that day, he didn't get much sleep the night before due to the funeral. The time spent with his cousin Daniel was really nice though, and helped keep his mind off of things. Though it couldn't be helped when he finally retired for the night that his mind wondered off to Varther. He sighed and turned towards the window in his room, well it wasn't really 'his' room but the room he slept in when he stayed at his grandmother's old house. He sat there and thought about the same thing he thought last night, before finally drifting off to sleep. <How would I want to be remembered if I passed away? Would anyone even show up at my funeral?> His mind wondered until he grunted and shut his eyes forcing the mixed emotions and thoughts out of his head. The young blonde sat up and swung his feet off of his bed moving to his feet and stretched. He looked at the clock seeing that it was a little past 10 am, then decided to check his phone going through any messages if he were to received some between the periods of consciousness.

Stepping out of his door Bishop blinked and jumped back moving out of the way of his aunt Musubi. "Well, look who's awake now. Did you stay up texting that Momo girl? Hmm?" The woman leaned in with a devilish smirk placing her hand on her hips. Bishop blushed and looked away reaching up to subconsciously scratch the back of his head in a reflex. "Ahh, nosey as usual- ow! Hey!" Bishop rubbed his nose after Musubi flicked the end of it cutting his sentence off. "Your Japanese needs some work, you'll never impress a smart girl like that. And show your elders a little more respect, it's not my fault I'm a master of figuring things out. You should date her, she's going to be a wealthy doctor some day." The blonde grumbled watching her walk away humming to herself. "Oh! By the way, mother would like you to do some chores around the house while you're here. So could you be a dear and not take too long to get yourself ready this morning?" "Yes aunt Musubi~" <Great, chores! Grandma's are always so difficult.> The junior descended down the stairs and went into the kitchen to grab himself a quick breakfast then dashed back up to shower before he stopped himself. "Eehhh, now that i think about it- Oh wait, Japanese. He mentally switched language gears focusing on his second native tongue. "Since I'm going to do these chores, and i showered last night... It would be- ehhh.... Ummm... What's the word for 'redundant' in Japanese?" "Jochona." Bishop spun around hearing a familiar voice finding his ever wise grandmother, then bowed respectfully. "Grandmother! Good morning. "Yes it is still morning I see, I thought you were going to miss it. Is everything alright dear?" Bishop raised to stand upright and face the elder woman, him and his grandmother were pretty close. She always had interesting stories about his grandfather and her father and grandfather.

"Oh well, to be honest I just had a lot on my mind grandmother." "Aaahhh, yes a death of someone close to you tends to do that. Was the person close?" "Well... Sort of, he was my senior at school. The one suppose to show me around and help me with anything I needed." "Oh I see... Such a shame, it is always harder to watch a parent bury their child before they are to be..." There was a momentary pause, letting the near poetic words settle in the air. "Welp, nothing helps clear the mind like some hard work!" Bishop almost flinched at the sudden change of mood and pace of his relative. "Young Bishop... There will always be time to reflect on your peers that have passed on but there is no sense in dwelling in the past forever! If you want to honor your friend have a drink I say! Hahahaha! <Welp, there's grandma's spirit again... I totally understand where mom got it from.> "Now! The koi ponds needs some rocks replaced, and the water itself needs cleaning, don't forget to feed the fish too. You need to- Bishop would stand there hearing the long list of chores that needed to get done, trying to make the excuse that he had to go change so he could get ready, but the fiery old woman would follow just making the list longer and longer.

<Ugh! I'm gonna be at this all day! Please someone call me!> He glanced to his phone in his hand as he walked into his bedroom and shut the door. "Now remember, the polish you need is going to be up in the cupboards by the sink. I don't have to remind you where the polishing cloths are do I?" "No grandmother- "Good! And don't forget to dust every layer of armor in the family hall when you get to it. And-" Bishop fell to his knees and clutched his head looking up at his bedroom window. "This woman is going to kill me~"