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located in California, a part of Welcome Back to Hollywood High, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Shailene Lehman Character Portrait: Erik Jorgenson. Character Portrait: Ricardo Slim-Helú Character Portrait: Sienna Gancia
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Erik had to laugh at the new information considering food and parents "Well, breakfast sounds allot better than homicide" he said with a laugh before rolling of the opposite side of the bed. Making sure that he was standing with his back to Sienna as he started the search for his clothes. Luckily he hadn't thrown them far and a moment later yesterdays clothes was back on and he could turn to look at Sienna. "You look absolutely lovely" Erik said with a smile, eyeing this prime example of the human species up and down. Not that he had ever really been a fan of high-waist shorts, but they looked surprisingly good on Sienna. Besides, Erik wasn't stupid enough to tell her that he didn't like the modern fashion that much.

A quick check in the mirror before walking over to his gorgeous -...girlfriend? Erik honestly had no idea- was mandatory. The mirror was unfortunately not one to sugar-coat stuff and Erik had to take in the disaster his hair was. One of the many problems with having long hair was that it required allot of grease to stay the way Erik preferred it to, but the hair gel he used didn't last that long and upon waking up most of it had lost it effect so now it was pretty much just hanging down. Actually not looking that far from a haircut a stereotypical emo would have. "Sorry you have to see this" he said with an excusing smile while reaching into his pocket and pulling out a hairband. For some weird reason he was always prepared for hair emergencies. With a quick move he grabbed his hair and put it up in a tiny ponytail at the back. That type of hair was far from what Erik preferred, but he just had to make it work.

After another quick look in the mirror to see how his hair was looking he shrugged and walked over to Sienna. "Lets get some breakfast before your friends start to get ideas" Erik said and grabbed her hand. He managed to pull her out into the hallway before he remembered that he had no idea where things were in this house. "Maybe you should lead the way. Take me to the throne chamber my lady" for that line he put on his best impression of an upper class London accent, even throwing in a small bow before following her towards whichever place the breakfast food was served.