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located in California, a part of Welcome Back to Hollywood High, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Shailene Lehman Character Portrait: Linnaea Snow
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Shailene beamed when she saw Linnaea and only shook her head idly at the obvious excitement Linn was trying to tamper down, which was definitely a lot better than the blonde's temperament yesterday. Good, she decided in her head just as Linn decided she couldn't keep the news to herself any longer. Shailene's eyebrows rose at, firstly, the exuberance from her friend which caused a smile to flit across her face, and then at the very lovely gift Mr. Snow bestowed on whomever Linnaea invited. Shailene could only respond to the hug while saying, "That's sounds awesome, love. I suck at skiing, btw, but I do make snowsuits look good and hot chocolate is always great." Shailene finally stepped into the spacious bedroom, her eyes taking in details despite having been in this very space several times. It was a habit of hers, she had come to realize some time ago.

When Linnaea mentioned Honey and Chad once and tried to gloss it over by asking about their plans, Shay's attention snapped immediately upon the blonde. "You are absolutely right. Enough of that. They don't exist today. This is all about us." Shailene declared with a saucy lilt in her voice. As much as she loved her best friend, he had some things he needed to take care of with his girlfriend before he considered saying a word to either Shay or Linn. And truthfully, she wasn't angry with him because well, how was he supposed to know Linnaea had a crush on him? But still, Shailene found herself jumping in defense of the blonde, even when she knew that Honey was, in fact, in the right for feeling a little peeved by Linn last night. She wasn't going to tell either of them that any time soon. Instead, she waltzed over to Linn's bed with a grin on her face. "Well, because I'm your friend and you obviously love me, you're going to love me even more today. We're doing a photo shoot. Just some time to be girls and try on make-up, get our nails and hair done, and get photographed which we can post for all of our haters and friends to fawn over. Ralph said they got a new shipment of items over at one of the Wilhelmina
studios downtown with wine and snacks to get us over. After that, we have a reservation at Providence and then I got us invites to a bonfire by a few UCLA students, and then we could stay the night at Richard's beach estate to get spa treatments and do homework tomorrow. I'm not even answering my phone today. What do you think?"