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located in Airdalen Highschool, a part of Love School Drama, one of the many universes on RPG.

Airdalen Highschool



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Character Portrait: Aeon Shirokami Character Portrait: Cassiopeia Elegy Argyris
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ImageHere she was again, looking at the garden scenery. Her eyes were a bit red since she did cry a lot yesterday and even now, she does feel sad. She doesn't feel a bit embarrassed by what she did in front of other people. It was fine to cry when one feels extremely sad or lonely. Unlike others, Cassiopeia was not inhibited by the sense or the passage where showing one's emotions are signs of weakness. She simply sat there and contemplated if she too when gone from this world, would her precious loved ones also weep? There was a high chance of that, it is always painful to be left behind that much she had heard from Aeon personally. She took a deep breath and the shook her head. It was time for her to cheer herself up, being depressed and all are not on her agenda in coming to this foreign country. It was to have fun and to experience a lot of things as much as possible.

She took out her phone and made a call to a certain someone. It didn't take long before the ringing was replaced by that comforting voice. “Aeon!” She instantly greeted with a cheery note. “Good morning! I was wondering if you're free today. Could you accompany me around town? I wanted to take a look around.” Her voice despite its happy tone. There was the thread of nervousness wrapping around it. She wasn't sure that Aeon would be available today. His brother and father had returned so, he might be busy along with his duties. “You don't have to push yourself, if you're busy. I understand... I'll have Hotaru accompany me.” She added so that Aeon won't be pressured by her request even if he was his fiancee. He still has a choice in the matter.

He spoke again and agreed to accompany him. He would be picking her up, but she didn't want that. “No! I want us to go out together like other people do... like meeting in a specific place and go around just by ourselves... like those dates I see on the televisions...” She was pertaining to the ones she had seen on those shoujo animes and mangas she had managed to have her hands on since arriving here in Japan. “Those normal dates high school students like us do...” She then realized she might sound a bit demanding as she immediately apologized. “I'm sorry if I was being too demanding and picky... So sorry Aeon...” She was waiting for him to say that she was indeed being too demanding, but instead, he answered that he will grant that request. They'll be meeting at the Loyal Square by the fountain at 10. There was a bright smile on her face at his agreement of her wish. He was truly a kind person. “Thank you so much Aeon! Yes, I'll be careful. Goodbye.” The call ended as she was extremely happy. She stood from her seat and quickly looked for Hotaru inside the Mansion. It didn't take long as Hotaru immediately scolded her not to run so recklessly due to many things, but she explained the reason.

Cassiopeia wanted Hotaru's help on what to wear. This was in her personal opinion is her actual first normal date. She wanted at best to make it very memorable. This was done as Hotaru offered to take her at the meeting place, but Cassiopeia was insistent doing it by herself. There was a bit of argument before they managed to reach a compromise where Hotaru will escort her through the train terminal and that's it. Cassiopeia apologizes for not letting Hotaru come with her but she wanted to experience everything this world has to offer for someone like her. This would be the only time she could do as much as she pleased, so she will do just as that.

She was finished with her preparations as she donned a simple yet fitting attire for someone like her. Hotaru delivered her to the train situation where she rode by herself for the first time. The train was not that full so, she was able to sit. She was unaware of the curious and ogling stares of people on her. This was truly an exciting and happy moment for her now. Her destination was Loyola Square. She had been there at that place when she first came to Japan. It would not be difficult for her to find it. She looked at her wristwatch and see that there was still ample time before Aeon arrived. She managed to reach the fountain and took her seat first at the rim. Here, she would be pleasantly waiting for him to come. She was oblivious to the looks she was receiving due to her appearance, because she was a busy body and waiting happily for her date.