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located in Airdalen Highschool, a part of Love School Drama, one of the many universes on RPG.

Airdalen Highschool



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Character Portrait: Ryou Giou
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"It is only with him, I could be at ease."

The Class Trip was today and to best say the morning started with Aunt Margarette apologizing once more for not being able to accompany Hikaru. Ryou managed to settle the lady down for her to hand the packed lunches. Really, it was no trouble for him to spend time with his little brother who was ecstatic of that idea as well. Hikaru woke so early in the morning and would not remove himself by Ryou's side. It was a typical brotherly moment for them as their female cousins commented on wanting to go as well. It was impossible since Reisha has club practice while Trixie will be having her check-up with with the doctor, hence why their Aunt couldn't come. His Uncle was on a business meeting with a client even on weekends. He should be working today, but took a day-off in order to accommodate Hikaru who was looking forward to the trip.

"We'll be off then." He said as they were now outside the house. Hikaru did the same. "See you later Auntie, Reisha-neechan, Trixie-chan." The little boy waved his hand happily while the girls returned the gesture with cheerful smiles. They were off to the meeting place with Ryou holding Hikaru's hand. The people they walked passed by would both look at them with curiosity and an obvious red tinge across their cheeks. It was very notable to the girls while the men would be gaping. Ryou had managed to hear some people saying that the boy was his son and his wife was a lucky woman to have a beautiful family. It made him wonder if he looked that old to have a family of his own. It's true that Hikaru and he looked strikingly similar with only a few features setting them apart. Then, he did notice, he was far taller than anyone. That could have lead to the misunderstanding that he was the father.

"Nii-chan, are you sure it's okay that you're with me?" Ryou looked at Hikaru who was gazing at him with controlled fear. His eyes softened as he patted his little brother's head. "I wanted to be here. So just enjoy your day, okay?" Hikaru brightened immediately and happily nodded. "I will Nii-chan!" The smile on Hikaru's face was enough for Ryou. No matter how things might get troublesome, he was fine with it. They soon reached the meeting place where he was greeted by Ryou's homeroom teacher who was a female. The said teacher blushed at immediately seeing Ryou. "Oh... Good morning, I was expecting Miss Margarette. You must be..." Ryou gave a small nod as a greeting and introduce himself to clear any hesitation on the teacher's mind. "My Aunt has another appointment. I'm Hikaru's Brother, Ryou. It's nice to meet you."

The other parents in attendance who were mostly girls began to gossip like they were still in their high school days. It wasn't everyday they could see and even have a chance to interact with someone like him, a vision as many had stated which Ryou had outwardly retorted as nonsense. He only hoped that when Hikaru grows older, he will not be subjected to this kind of troubles. Hikaru was without doubt looked like their mother who was quite the admired beauty by many when she was still alive. The teacher gave an understanding nod and coughed a bit. She seemed flustered in Ryou's presence. "It's very nice to have you here with us Ryou-san. I'm sure Hikaru-chan is also happy, right?" Hikaru happily nodded his head in agreement as Ryou gave his little brother a small smile. Somehow, there were a few women who fainted which made Ryou wondered what had caused it.

The trip proceeded as scheduled and Ryou was constantly talked to by the mothers about random things. He answers them as briefly and politely as he could. It was a good thing that Hikaru would always want him near which gives him the perfect reason to leave the older women. Their trip has brought them to the aquarium where Hikaru was truly excited in seeing the different fishes. He was also entertained by the things he was seeing. He could say that the trip was rather relaxing even with the occasional talks with the women who seemed interested on him. He could never understand females most of the time, especially these mothers. They have children and husbands, why would they be interested on another? That was adultery and he has no interests on any of them. There was only one woman on his mind right now.

"Nii-chan! Look at the sharks!" The tugging of his little brother on his hand made him look at the sharks swimming inside their aquarium. "Are you scared of them, Hikaru?" The boy shook his head and smiled brightly at Ryou. "Nope! I'm with you!" Hikaru always manages to make Ryou smile and there was it again, a small smile only for his little brother.