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located in California, a part of Welcome Back to Hollywood High, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Jasmine Villegas Character Portrait: Shailene Lehman Character Portrait: Erik Jorgenson. Character Portrait: Chadwick Arsenault Character Portrait: Catalina Perez Character Portrait: Linnaea Snow Character Portrait: Aaliyah Lapierre Character Portrait: Ricardo Slim-Helรบ Character Portrait: Sienna Gancia Character Portrait: Stella Hudgens Character Portrait: Taylor & Tyler Cunningham
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Stella took a moment to process Jasmine's words before laughing a bit. "You know, I'll just take fourth place. Mama V is on another level and I'm just not about that life," Stella said, quick to retract that statement. She loved her best friend's mother like her own, but she also knew there was no winning when it came to the number one in Jasmine's life. Plus, she'd always have to come last to Jas' family, which was always good because she felt like family regardless. "Oooh, and Mom was thinking that we should all do some kind amusement park thing one of these weekends, they'll pay. She feels like she and your mom haven't hung out in awhile, and we should have fun before the school year gets too real." Comfortably, Stella sat on the edge of Jasmine's couch, shrugging at Jasmine's questioning on her being there. "Sia should be finishing up at Shay's house and on her way home with Ric. I was bored and didn't feel like being there earlier than her. Plus, I haven't been here a while since some people were really busy this summer," she answered easily, emphasizing the "someone" with a playful smile in Jasmine's direction. A thought struck Stella a moment afterwards and she questioned, "Also, did you get those twins' numbers or do I need to play super-spy? Cuz I saw you eyeing them and you danced with one, and we both know I'm a whiz at this." She could also just ask around, like possibly finding area codes which could definitely narrow down any search, but chose not to include that. It was just safe to know that the Royals asking her for favors wasn't completely out of left field; she had skills.

Before Stella could answer about the outfits, Guadalupe had knocked on the door and came in. Stella beamed at the older woman, showing her pearly whites to the woman who only chuckled at the brightness. "Gracias, Guadalupe," she exclaimed for which she received an affectionate smile. Once the older woman was gone, Stella looked back to see Jasmine already moving to her bed. Stella bounced over to the ottoman to grasp the other glass of strawberry mimosa before moving back to the couch, which she was quick to get comfortable on. She purposefully skipped out on the macaroons, despite being a fan. "I think even Allie would tell you that three outfits are necessary. I mean, I've got one of those outfits on now, but there are like, three in my bag." Stella sipped the cool liquid for a moment, before glancing back at her phone. "Anyways, this is probably the first time in a while that I'm wearing a bikini. I know we're with friends, you think it would be too much or should I just go with a one-piece?" Stella bit her lip thoughtfully. Ever since her bout with anorexia, it had been hard for her to adjust to being actually comfortable with more revealing clothes. Sure, she wore crop tops, but they weren't overly flashy like what Sienna or Honey would wear. They would never go any higher than revealing her belly button and while everyone else had told her to just get over it and move on with her life, she still felt wary about her image. Compared to Jasmine, while Stella was fit, she was just a bit thicker. Sure, she may try to act brave and tough, and like she wasn't affected by the skinny fad of Hollywood and the world in general, but she couldn't pretend like she hadn't passed out and been diagnosed as underweight at one point. And it was easy - her hanging out with someone as wild and as confident as Sienna, and just pretending that she was just as fine. However, as her psychiatrist and family had told her, Jasmine was her best friend for a reason and if Stella couldn't even turn to Ness with her feelings, she should be at least willing to be a bit more vulnerable with her number one.

Back at the Lehman-Gonzalo residence, Sienna allowed herself to grin at the amusing sight of Erik quickly turning around, failing to conceal his more "awake" body part and find more clothes. She smiled a bit as his compliment, a small heat rushing to her cheeks which she was quick to shove away with a swipe at a few strands of hair that had stuck to her face. She didn't make a comment, at first, about his hair. It hadn't really seemed like an issue to her, but his actual desire to preserve some kind of appearance...was endearing. Him taking her hand was definitely not something Sienna did; it was too affectionate and she was just simply territorial. Them getting any closer, despite the obvious lack of a label and her actually still being interested with him without sleeping with him yet, was a thought she hadn't thought of until their hands touched and it left her...she didn't know what she was, but she found that he wasn't pulling away and was even smiling when they stepped out of the spare bedroom.

"Why, of course, good sir," Sienna replied with a small giggle, putting on her best British accent. While still holding Erik's hand, she led him downstairs and down one of the many halls of the Gonzalo estate to the usual dining room where Ricardo was currently nursing a glass of water and on his phone. The King of Hollywood High looked up only for a moment before planting his signature smirk on his face. "It took you long enough." Sienna shot him a look. "Shut up." She said and took a seat at the table with Erik sitting beside her. Ric ignored her and looked right at Erik. "Be careful, man. She's a man eater.". He said lightly and avoided the punch from Sienna. Ric's moods might give people a whiplash, but it was what it was and as long as Erik didn't feel the need to point that out. Meanwhile, the staff came with plates of food, a beautiful gourmet selection since it was Erik's first time at the residence and no one knew his preferences. "Shut up, Ricky. Not like you're in a rush today. You're my bitch for the day and last I checked, I didn't need your opinion." Sienna smirked coolly at the icy glance her best friend tossed her, but chose not to make any more smart remarks. It didn't take them long to finish eating and soon enough, they were piling in Sienna's truck and on their way to Sienna's home.

Chad laughed down at Honey's giggling and the obvious freedom in her overall demeanor, only stopping in his assault when she pulled him down. Chad smiled sheepishly about being called "hot," which wasn't exactly a term people associated him with. Things like "adorable" or "cute" were more fitting term, or at least things he was familiar with and like always when it came to being in Honey's presence, the blush came unbidden. He laughed at her calling him a cheetah as they separated. Chad glanced back at his phone for a moment when she made the comment about Shailene, instinctively reaching for it just as Honey gave him a compliment. Sighing, he text his best friend only for her to tell him that she and Linn were having a girl's day and this was the last time she was communicating with them unless they all did something big or something went down. Which wasn't surprising, but it did leave him surprised when Honey seemed to be upset about something.

Before Chad knew it, Honey's lips were on his and he forgot why has he supposed to be worried about being anywhere other than where he was at the moment. Despite the blushing, he chuckled at Honey's face, hands on her waist as he said, "Like I told you, I definitely do not mind." Once they seemed to be ready, Honey led him out of her room, with Chad texting Shay quickly that he hoped she and Linn had a good day. Regardless of whatever Linn felt about him or Honey at the moment, he still did care about his friend and knew that whatever Shay had planned would be good for the both of them. It was in a flurry that Chad found himself being introduced to Honey's family, pictures being taken, and them somehow making it downstairs only for paparazzi to randomly show up. It definitely was a bit overwhelming since his dad had paid the snoops to be a bit more discreet with their taking pictures or even spying, but Honey's hand never seemed to leave his and that in itself was enough to make him deal. Once they made it past the nosy photographers, Honey redirected his attention to her and he laughed lightly. "Sure, no problem. Sienna's probably just getting there anyway since she stayed with Shay." He told her and let her into the passenger side of the vehicle before climbing into the driver's. It was only after they pulled out of the parking lot and onto a highway did Chad finally ask, "It's been bugging me for a minute, but is everything alright with you and Aaliyah? I know she left with Allie and Shay hadn't taken that too well, but those two always make up. And I noticed you and Allie hadn't even talked so..." Chad normally didn't concern himself with anything Aaliyah Lapierre related unless they were just in the same space and that was mostly because they had known each other for years. But it was because he didn't care for her drama and she didn't really care that much about him that they had no real need to worry about one another. However, he was dating Honey and Honey was Aaliyah's number one. That would force even rivals to have to interact.