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located in Earth, a part of God Game, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Dialogue ~ #FF7190

When Kagari had read that her partner and her would be sharing a home during the game, being assigned a complete piece of trash was the last thing she expected. Or perhaps 'piece of trash' was an understatement, but she really couldn't think of any other way to explain the abandoned-looking apartment complex that now stood before her. It looked like a building that would be used as the base of some sort of haunting, or maybe the location of the first murder that a serial killer would commit.

At the first touch of the railing that lead up the staircase, Kagari quickly pulled her hand away as she felt the rusty surface brush off onto her hands. She removed her hat and wiped the palm of her hand against it, paying no mind to the dark brown traces of rust that were left on the black fabric as she did so. She followed Anzo up the stairs and stopped beside him as they reached the door to their apartment, if you could even call it an apartment. The door refused to open, the wood creaking as Anzo attempted to push the door open to no avail. It took Anzo having to slam himself against it in order for it to open, only to have it slam into the wall inside, causing a fair amount of dust and other particles to sprinkle over their heads.

She tossed her hat to the side as she walked passed Anzo who was once again bowing his head as he held the door open. She had noticed that his hand had come close to her head, but he'd quickly pulled away before his fingertips could brush her hair. She paid no mind to it, the same way she ignored the stain she'd rubbed onto her hat, and reached her hands up to try and brush the dust away. She felt slightly regretful that she'd removed her hat earlier, but there was nothing to do about it now. Pulling at the loose-tied bun that kept her hair above her neck, the black locks cam loose and fell around her shoulders. Having it down made it easier to run her fingers through to brush the rusty flakes away.

As she combed her hands through her hair, she took a look around the little room as Anzo mumbled a list of rhymes to himself. This would be their living quarters from here on out, it might as well be a shack in an alleyway. She itched at her long sleeves, feeling the moisture slowly start to build up under the thin cloth as the humidity of the room flowed over her. The humidity looked to be the last of their problems, however, with the wallpaper looking like it was melting from the walls and the floor being caked in dirt as if it hadn't been met with a broom in years. Not only that, but the place was hardly more than a single room.

Anzo removed his hoodie, clearly being effected by the dampness of the room as well, as Kagari took a closer look at the walls of their "apartment". She reached her hand up and rubbed her pointer down the wall a few inches before examining her finger, narrowing her eyes at the dirt that had turned the tip of her finger brown. "Filthy," she said bitterly, the only word that could escape her lips before a loud 'thump" made her turn her head. Anzo had ended up on the ground for some reason or other with a hint of surprise in his eyes.

She tilted her head at him, raising one eyebrow in both curiosity and confusion, but he quickly recovered himself and picked himself up off the dirty floor, his attention turning to the spotted curtains that hung on a rusty rod that was placed above the window. "Had the sun risen in another lifetime, another dice had been thrown, Kings would gossip and swear with envy for the kingdom I would build you. A Queen's castle, a dream to clutch."

She felt no reason to question him now. If anything he probably just tripped on the rug, either way she had already lost all curiosity she had felt a moment ago as he spoke again. By now, she was starting to understand his poetic speech, though it still took her a few seconds to comprehend what he was trying to say, but she could more or less make it out. He seemed upset about their room assignment, as was Kagari. There was nothing to do about it now, though. She let out a small sigh before a smile returned to her lips.

"Guess you'll have to turn this mess into a Queen's room, then."


There was hesitation in his voice, and for a moment Kagari though that maybe he had changed his mind and decided not to say whatever he was going to say. During his moment of silence, she made her was over to the closet. There was no way she would keep her clothes in here unless it was scrubbed clean with bleach.

"Queen of Tides..."

She straightened herself and turned slightly, halfway facing the closet and halfway facing the black-haired demon.

"Has the ink yet dried on your ledger? As pages turn, what worlds have bowed to your pull? Can you fill eyes such as mine with tales of long ago?"

"You want to know who I am," she said, more as a statement than a question. It was her turn to show hesitation. They'd be working as partners in a game that might cost them their lives, so it was only natural that the two of them should become more familiar with each other. If they remained strangers, there's no way they'd be able to cooperate properly, or at least that's the way most would see it. In Kagari's case, she would've preferred to be as vague about her personal life as possible. On the other hand, be able to understand Anzo would likely work in her favor.

Her eyes moved along the wall slowly before once again resting on the open closet. "I can't live here with just the clothes on my back. We can't live here with the place being this filthy either."

She then turned and took a few steps towards Anzo, stopping with a couple of feet between them. "Our first order of business is making this place at least somewhat decent. After that, we can take a trip to my other house and pick up a few things from my room. As long as we don't make contact with my mother, we won't be breaking the rules." She stopped a moment, her eyebrows furrowing just slightly, though not enough to form a wrinkle, as a thought brushed over here. "Um, we need cleaning supplies too. So, maybe we should go buy some. Uh, the normal store should carry that kind of stuff, right?"

When had been the last time she'd cleaned? Five, maybe six years? The smile that was once on her face curved downward into a small, somewhat frustrated frown.