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located in California, a part of Welcome Back to Hollywood High, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Alessandra Ambrosia Character Portrait: Jasmine Villegas Character Portrait: Stella Hudgens Character Portrait: Taylor & Tyler Cunningham
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"Anyways, this is probably the first time in a while that I'm wearing a bikini. I know we're with friends, you think it would be too much or should I just go with a one-piece?" Jasmine gave no immediate reply, as she sat with a look of deep melancholy; she hated when Stella asked her questions like this. It just reminded her that her bestie had an eating disorder, one that she would always struggle with. To Jasmine, Stella was a gorgeous, but she knew that Stella didn't see herself in the same light that she and others did. It sometimes frustrated her when Stella made low-key comments about her weight because Stella wasn't an overweight person. Yes, she was bigger than Jasmine but only slightly. Which was more than okay because Stella was perfect just the way she was.

Before Stella could really take notice Jasmine popped a fourth macaron in her mouth and picked up her glass as she made her way back over to the couch. She gave a noncommittal shrug as she sat down bringing the glass to her mouth as she took a swig of the chilled strawberry flavored liquid. "Stells we live in Cali. There are girls outside walking around in dental floss calling it clothing. No a bikini would definitely not be too much, but if you'd feel more comfortable in a one piece then by all means wear a one-piece. You don't need to reveal all to be sexy." After finding out about Stella's eating disorder Jasmine had spent many days along with seemingly endless long hours learning everything she could about Stella's disorder. She had learned all about what to say and how to act. In the beginning it had been really awkward at first because she had been nervous about saying the wrong thing and being the one to make Stella relapse. But, eventually things had gone back to normal between the two girls, but Jasmine still remember everything she had read.

"Also I think the amusement park is a good idea. I think it would be fun. Besides am sure my mom misses your mom just as much as she misses her." It was weird how after she and Stella became besties they're moms formed they're own b.f.f. friendship. Not weird in a bad way, just weird. Drinking what remained of her mimosa Jasmine recalled Stella's comment about summer and the twins. "Oh! And I know you are not trying to guilt me right now." Jasmine gave a sarcastic sigh. "Okay. Maybe I wasn't the best of besties this summer, but the Jasminators needed me and I them. And just ... well we both know I love you and you me. So am just gonna assume I've been forgiven." Smiling a cheeky smile she then thought about the twins and her smile turned to a pout. "I can't believe I spaced on getting the number. Allie would be so ashamed to call me her sister right now." She was joking about Alessandra being ashamed although she would probably make fun of her for getting so caught up that she forgot to close the deal. "Good thing I have a kick-ass best friend with awesome spy skills and countless connects."