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located in Hoenn, a part of Pokémon ORAS, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Aito Hayashi Character Portrait: Kelsier Achylis Character Portrait: Marianna Crim Character Portrait: Tarynn Flannagan
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Yami || Storm || Jet || Dusty || Plague || Torch

"Hey there, I'm Marianna!" Aito turned to see a trainer coming up to her, along with a Pinsir. "This little cutie is Spike," she said, pointing to her pokemon. "Murkroooow!!!!" Storm wailed, attempting to hide on Aito at the sight on the Pinsir. "Storm, you're being so rude!" Aito sighed. She turned back to the trainer. "Hi, Marianna. I'm Aito! This is Storm.." She turned to Spike. "And hello to you too, Spike. You've got a handsome smile," she said, smiling back at the pokemon and patting him on the head. Aito's Murkrow was still wary of the large pokemon and refused to pay it any attention. "Ignore him. He's just a lame bird." At her remark, Storm pecked at her ear, and she swatted at him. Just then, another person came up to them and leaned on the wall of the pokemon center, wearing some sort of mask and smoking a cigarette. Aito scrunched her nose as her Murkrow coughed a bit. " are?" she said, nose still scrunched at the stench of the cigarette. Aito had never been a fan of cigarettes. She didn't understand how the smell alone didn't deter people from them.

Before the masked stranger could answer her question, a little Axew came romping up to everyone. "Oh I guess you found it didn't you buddy? Good job." He paused, looking around at everyone. "Hey, are you guys the other trainers who got selected to battle teams Aqua and Magma? I'm Kelsier nice to meet everyone. Oh, and this is my partner Axew. He's happy to meet you all as well." "Hey, keep it down a little bit.. Not everyone knows what's going on in the towns," Aito explained. "I'm Aito, and this is Storm." "Murrrrkrow!" "Is this everyone? I think it should be.." She looked around at the trainers, and she wondered how they were going to pull this off. Everyone seemed fairly different from each other. I hope this works out.. Aito thought to herself, hoping that they could all work together.