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located in California, a part of Welcome Back to Hollywood High, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Stella sunk into the couch just a bit when she heard Jasmine move as the silence seemed to weigh down on her. She knew that the singer would be more than supportive - always had been and she hated being the one who ruined the mood. But she was also trying. Before, she would suck in all of her feelings and she still did that from time to time, but she was improving just a bit. When Jasmine came over to the couch, Stella sighed and nodded slowly. "You're right, you're right. I'm sorry. This was stupid." She said in one breath, shaking her heads as if to rid herself of the thoughts but not before grasping Jasmine's hand gently, giving her a light squeeze and an appreciative yet apologetic smile.

Only a moment later and they were moving on in their conversation, a much needed change since the guilt of ruining the once happy atmosphere was a bit overwhelming. Stella smiled at the thought of their mothers, particularly because they had grown so close. Jasmine thought it was a bit weird, Stella thought it was absolutely precious. While she never appreciated her mom complaining to Jas' mom about everything that Stella did, she liked the fact that her mother was a bit more sociable than some of the other Hollywood High mothers. Plus, it was always a bonus when their moms were willing to hang out back in the day so Stella and Jasmine could spend more time together. She laughed at Jasmine's slight pause after admitting that she pretty much disappeared for the summer, holding her glass only a little tighter so that she wouldn't spill the contents. That was too much strawberry goodness to be giving to the carpet. "Yeah, I don't know what you'd do without me to be honest," Stella joked dryly at the thought of Jasmine not actually getting the twins' numbers. Even if it were for something as simple as hanging out with both of them, she was curious. Granted, a part of this had to do with her wanting to be one of the first to know about the next Jasmine V ship so everyone could stop harping on her for Justin Bieber. Stella was a shipper, as everyone knew. She was down for adding another to her list.

"We should probably start heading out soon. Truthfully, if Sia wanted to, she could just make it a spa day at her place. That spa is so nice." She said this after drinking the rest of her mimosa and sliding off of the couch. Stretching her arms above her head, Stella yawned a bit, getting the last bit of sleep out of her system with the cool rush of liquid that settled in her belly. Quirking her lips thoughtfully she glanced back at Jasmine inquiring, "What's Izz doing today? Pretty sure Chad and Ricky are probably gonna go play video games or something at Sia's. Or did he have a bit of a nightcap with Angel?" Stella wiggled her eyebrows suggestively at the end of her questioning, a small smirk playing at the corner of her lips. She was actually interested in the end result of Isaiah's date, not that she had anything against the pairing, but out of general interest. It was one of the few - if not, the first - dates Isaiah had been on after breaking up with Alessandra. Curiosity and intrigue was a given.

Chad wished he could be surprised by the thought of Aaliyah being upset about Honey navigating between Rick's circle and her own, but he wasn't. They had spent too many years together for him to be surprised by a lot of things she said and did anymore. A shade overcame his face at the thought of Rick and Honey, but it didn't remain there for long. Honey had made that clear - she had chosen him, not Ricky. At her placing her head down, Chad sighed, placing a hand over hers. "I can't speak for Aaliyah, but Shay isn't really upset with you. We haven't talked much since yesterday, but I know her well enough to know that she's not picking sides. She just knows that Linn, I guess, isn't going to be okay until they spend their time together. You'll see." He said with a reassuring smile, stroking the smooth skin on the back of her hand. When she returned the sentiment and kissed their entwined fingers, Chad offered her a brighter smile.

When they reached Sienna's place, Chad was a bit surprised when Honey led him to his backseat, which definitely earned him the memory of them seemingly getting out of hand whenever they were in these situations. He absentmindedly thought of Feliciana or anyone coming out to see them like this, but when Honey buried her face into the crook of his neck, all thoughts ceased on his part. Idly, he caressed the nape of her neck, playing with shorter hairs that didn't make it into her style for the day, a comforting notion he recalled his mother doing back when he was a child. It got the desired effect because Honey relaxed a bit in his arms. "And I'm not gonna lie, Rick still has me threatened," Chad admitted. "You and me? It's like one of those cheesy ABC family teen movies. You think Linn and I make sense, I think you and Rick make sense. But like you said, you trust me and...I trust you." Chad smiled a bit and cupped the side of her face, thumb stroking the skin of her high cheekbone. "If anything is messed up, it's if either of them choose to mess with childhood friendships over our relationship. And I'd never blame you for that." With that said, he leaned up a bit to kiss her softly, which definitely turned into a much longer makeout session (didn't it always) than he intended. Regretfully, though, Chad pulled back and gazed up at Honey breathlessly. "Not that I don't enjoy this, but I wouldn't enjoy Sia coming out with a camera and trying to post us on YouTube." He said with a small chuckle since, well, Sienna would do some crazy shit like that. Or, at least, she'd have it just to tease them and delete later.

Once the two were out of the car and allowed one of the valets to take Chad's car, Chadwick led Honey into the house, their hands entwined which Feliciana seemed more than happy to acknowledge with just a knowing smile. "Buongiorno, Feliciana. Come stai?" Chadwick greeted Sienna's caretaker with a smile. He wasn't particularly fluent with Italian, not like Sienna was obviously. However, he had picked up on a few things over the years. Feliciana only smiled back. "Great, sweetheart. And hello again, dear," she replied, directing the last part of her statement to Honey with a small nod. Afterwards, she gestured in the direction of one of the outdoor pathways saying, "Little Miss is in the recording studio. There are some refreshments there. We'll get you kids some snacks a bit later." Nodding, Chad thanked her and led Honey along. Despite being friends with a bunch of rich people and seeing a lot of beautiful houses his entire life, the newer one erected just for Sienna's family was probably was his favorite - not that it was bigger than the Ambrosia Estate or more luxurious the Lapierre's, but because the Mediterranean style fit Sienna. It encompassed her culture, but also had a relaxing vibe. The architecture had an almost rustic yet modern feel, like an old Italian or French villa he would have seen in Europe that belonged to a wine family. Which wasn't actually far from the truth by any means. "I loved it here during the summers. Even when we weren't going out and stuff, just chilling by the pool with Sia, Leah, and Rick was just great," Chad said absentmindedly. Those had been the days, he surmised. Back when, while he and Aaliyah weren't close or anything, they were in each other's presence enough to deal with it and back when Sienna and Aaliyah pretty much ran Rick around. Shaking the thoughts away, Chad led Honey through the lush scenery, past the pool, before going to the entertainment section of the house, which consisted of two billiard rooms, a full gym and spa, a bowling alley, game room, private theater, and the recording studio and dance studio Xavier had included in the floor plans without Sienna having known at the time.

Opening one of the walnut doors for Honey, Chad stepped in afterwards, glancing at the gym with the indoor basketball court for a moment to see if Ricky was there. Upon realizing that his best friend was not present, he led Honey upstairs where the dance studio overlooked the court and the recording studio sat on its left. Entering the latter, Chad saw Ricky lounging on the couch with one of Sienna's guitars, plucking at strings while Sienna was closer to the control system with Gregg, a friend of Stella's who was almost as good with technology as she was. The guy was more interested in film from what Chadwick had gathered. "Hey, guys." Chad greeted everyone cheerfully and Rick's head shot up before he was quick to get off the couch. He had already sent his text to Isaiah about the jock's plans. "About damn time. Dude, I was bored out of my mind." Ricky complained. After they had dropped Sienna's not-boyfriend off with her taking too damn long to kiss him goodbye, they headed over to her place for Sienna to change. After that, Stella's friend Gregg had started setting up to film Sienna singing a cover to a few songs so that she could post them for the next two weeks to hold some fans over until she got her EP out.

Had 1 date and now u don't kno any1? Evry1's at Sia's, u coming? P.S. She has new games.

"I'm here, aren't I?" Chad shot back and Ricky only grinned, nodding to Honey. He was in a much better disposition than yesterday and felt a bit more...relaxed in the presence of her relationship with Chad. Though he didn't fail to notice the sharp look Chad had given him. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hey, Honey." Not really wasting time since his other best friend wasn't really paying him much of any attention, Rick grabbed two of the glasses on the tray Feliciana had brought in a bit earlier, which were cherry coolers. He handed each to the lovebirds before tugging Chad along. "We're gonna leave you ladies," he pointedly ignored Gregg's obvious distaste for that unnecessary insult, "to your work." They'd be back whenever the girls started dancing, if Ricky didn't find it in him to make Chad go up against him in basketball or call Isaiah. Not really about tell his best friend no, Chad kissed Honey's cheek gently before whispering to her, "We'll be back. And Sienna won't bite. She just likes to act hard." He smirked at the last part before releasing her, following Ricky back down the stairs to the game room.

With it just being the two girls and Gregg, who seemed more interested in the audio consoles than either of the singers, Sienna finally looked up in Honey's direction. It took her a moment, but when she did choose to acknowledge Honey, she did it with a small smile. "Don't tell him this, but...I'm glad you chose Chad. I meant it at the game, you know? You guys are kinda cute." Sienna said before taking a pause and correcting herself, "Scratch that. Don't tell anyone I said that." As she repeated constantly, she didn't not like Honey. Ignoring the Aaliyah aspect of their fake beef, she liked Honey for Chad and vice versa, and Stella may or may not have had something to do with that. Running a hand through her silky locks, Sienna nodded to Gregg one more time before including Honey on the conversation. "It's supposed to be a bit of a dance studio session and we're probably just gonna be goofing around, but I wanted to get some covers in and maybe two acoustics of my songs. I told Jas this, but if you've got something you wanna work on, the studio's here." Biting her lip a bit because she thought she forgot something, Sienna shrugged. If she did, she just did. For now, she was just ready to get some singing on.

Stepping into the isolation booth, Sienna stood before microphone and placed the headset over her ears. Nodding to Gregg, the song played and Sienna began to sing. She had decided to do a song by The Weeknd, Beyoncé, and then possibly another, but she wanted to get at least one acoustic version of one of her songs in. Gregg let drones into the booth with her to capture her face in different angles while there was one camera with a stand to capture her the way she was. Just like with dancing, the beat kicked in and the lyrics flowed over her like ribbons of ecstasy, eliciting just a bit more passion from her. She hadn't spent as much time as she would have normally done in the studio since she had returned home and aimed to rectify this. It was almost as if she had even forgotten that Honey was present too.