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located in California, a part of Welcome Back to Hollywood High, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Chadwick Arsenault Character Portrait: Catalina Perez Character Portrait: Ricardo Slim-Helú Character Portrait: Sienna Gancia Character Portrait: Stella Hudgens
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Honey head was swimming as Chad had lead her back in the house. Part of it was, she was still swimming in that happy haze that he always managed to put her in. When he described them as a ABC family movie she couldn't help but grin into his neck. He had a very valid point. Even though they might not seem compatible they just worked and they made each other happy. She had to admit it felt good knowing she wasn't the only one who felt threatened.

Though a good part of her haze had to do with them having a make out session in she car. She dreamily traced her index finger over her lips. Part of her wondered if they were moving too fast but when it's right it's right and Honey was never one to follow society's rules. Plus when you take into consideration how long they had feelings for each other it's only natural how instantly connected they are. She just hoped that connection didn't fade as time went on. Chad was quickly weaving himself into Honey's life and she couldn't imagine how bad it would hurt it someone she actually cared about hurt her.

Chad always managed to relax her. Even as he wound through Sienna's beautiful maze of a house, he held her hand the whole way. As they stepped into the room Honey felt heart beat a bit faster. Though it turned out she worried for nothing. Ricky seemed to be in much higher spirits and Honey smiled when he greeted her. Comfortable, she thought to herself as Ricky handed her a drink, it felt comfortable. She gave a fake pout as Chad was tugged along. As he kissed her on the cheek she curled into him one more time, practically purring at the sweet gesture. "Come back to me soon," She whispered back. When he whispered an encouraging sentiment about Sienna she nodded and allowed him to release her before heading away with Ricky.

Which brought her to the present. When Sienna smiled at her, Honey couldn't help the small smile that tugged at her lips. "Thanks" she said with a laugh, "I won't tell him that as long as you promise to not tell him he has me wrapped around his finger. How he managed to turn a leopard into a house pet I'll never know. " She smirked to herself, quite pleased with the analogy. She really was like that. Always admired but somewhat from a far. Never really traveling in a consistent group. Yet here she was slowly becoming immersed in a group of friends and purring from the slightest show of affection. "I think I made the right choice too.". She had to admit she was really happy that they're relationship was getting a positive response.

She nodded gratefully when Sienna offered her use of the studio but she was just an observer today. Honey always admired artist who got completely consumed in their music. It was something she tended to do. Whether she was writing or singing. She leaned against one of the couches and sent out a quick text.

Hey we just got at Sienna's where are you guys?