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Snippet #2591931

located in City of Pleuor, a part of Dissonance of the Retinentia, one of the many universes on RPG.

City of Pleuor

The Big City Of Dreams


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Character Portrait: Keiko Tsukiru Character Portrait: Rie
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Image "Kei..."Leon slid from the desk chair, scooting back from the computer to take a good look at Kei who was sitting in the leather chair with a book over his face, most likely asleep. His purple hair shined from what little light that the blinds let peek through. If Kei was asleep like this during the day, that just meant that they had one long night ahead of them. And from what Leon could see, it was about to rain soon too.

"Did we get a lead yet?" Kei mumbled under the book as he shifted a bit but never removed it.

"well, it seems from what I am being told is that. Not to long ago there was a murder that happened in an apartment building called...Le Bonks." Leon rubbed the back of his white messy hair causing it to bounce a bit. "A lady and a few others keeps making reports to the Manager about noises coming from a that certain apartment. Seems the Manager thinks it's all in everyone's head, but he wants us to check it out to make sure."

"It seems like a foozy. A waste of time. Tell him he better pays well or we won't do it. We are very busy people." Kei said as he bent his knee up and swung his free leg over it, become more relaxed with nothing to do.

"Yes, busy seeing the back of your eyelids. We are going to do it, no matter the pay. Now get up, we should go before it rains." Leon started to gather the things he'll need.

"Well at least it won't is hot out." He said while getting up and headed towards the bathroom. Removing his contacts and slipping on a pair of red fake glasses. It was a quick process one he did well in fact. Anything to not hear or see a spirit along the ride there.

-Later on-

It was nearly night and the rain hadn't let up, the drive was quite a while away. Their shop was a bit out of town while this apartment was right smack dab on the other side of the town. When they had got there, Kei felt spiritual presents right away, in fact, there were more than one. "So maybe it wasn't a foozy. We should make this quick. I have a bad feeling."

"So this must mean that there is a fresh spirit. And now he is being hunted?" Leon shoved his hands in his pockets and held the door open with his back.

"Possibly, it's not too uncommon-."But before he could finish his words his body nearly caved in from the presser within the building. Gripping a hold of Leon, he quickly threw off his glasses, handing it to him. The moment he did that, he could hear an odd sound of laughter, but he could move, the presence of a demon was trying to force him to his knees.

Leon started to mumble words in a different language, a protection spell. He pulled out a piece of paper and shoved it into Kei's pocket, still mumbling away as the pressure slowly decreased from Kei's body. "Go hurry. I before the cops come." Leon shoved Kei away as he sat down in the waiting room, still mumbling, keeping the protection spell up. When he reached the room a man stood away from it on his phone.

"Hey don't go in there! I think a lady is being beaten in there or killed! Be careful! I just called the police when I heard the first scream." The man grabbed a hold of Kei's jacket.

"Even if that is true, I have to stop whatever is going on." Another scream happened, but it was cut short fast. The man let go of Kei scared and started to run off. And the sound of laughter echoed through the door, each time Kei heard it, he felt sick and weak. Trying to ignore it, he went for the door, but it would budge open, it was as if it were jammed shut. "She better not be dead!" He shouted as he pulled out his sword with a few words. Thrusting the blade into the door he twisted it and cut through the wood. There was another scream, but this time it was a sound of a male. And like that the door flung open, jerking the blade out of Kei's hands.

The sound of Sirens started to flood the room, and red and blue lights lit everything. There was blood everywhere and the woman was twisted and turned into a pretzel. Her eyes were open and rolled back into her head. Her tongue hung out as blood dripped from it. It was hard to tell it was a woman with all the blood around. And the smell smelt as if she was dead for months. But she wasn't right? This just happened didn't it?

Kei covered his nose to block the horrible smell, but as he turned his eyes away from her body, his eyes caught sight of a boy. His head was huddled over, with his hands over his ears. "Hey kid, you better get out of here before the cops come!" He didn't take noticed that the boy was a spirit, mainly because he didn't feel like one, in fact, he felt human, but not human. Like he was alive, but not. So Kei didn't pay any mind to it. As he said that, he took his sword back and started to make a leave for it. If he stuck around he'd be in questioning or jail for murder. There was nothing more he could do. Whoever killed that woman was clearly not around either. He knew this was a bad idea.