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Snippet #2592001

located in Hoenn, a part of Pokémon ORAS, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Aito Hayashi Character Portrait: Kelsier Achylis Character Portrait: Marianna Crim Character Portrait: Tarynn Flannagan
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-Marianna Crim-



Marianna smiled widely, "Yeah don't worry, Fury loves giving people rides, she's really friendly, just don't touch her whiskers, they're sensitive" Marianna assures and warns. As they made their way along the path Marianna pulls a pokeball off her belt, the yellow top as opposed to the usual red identified it as a Park Ball, the type given in the Johto bug catching contest. "Ok spike, i know you get sea sick so i'll put you back in your ball for now, bring you back out later Spike" She said, pointing the ball toward her beloved Pinsir, the large bug type gave an obedient nod as the red beam from his ball enveloped him and pulled him back into the ball, and placing back in her belt, "Plus she's super fast, it shouldn't take too long to get there at all" She stated proudly.

She then pulled another ball from her belt, mostly white with a splash design, Fury's Dive Ball, and tossed it up and down as they walked. Turning to address Tarynn, "so miss smokey... are you gonna talk? it's hard to make friends if we don't talk about stuff..." she said, "We can play a game or something to pass the time if you want" She said before turning back to the beach and tossing the ball into the air, "Come on out Fury!" she calls, and with a bright flash there in the water stood the massive sea serpent pokemon, large even for the already huge species, Fury gave a deafening roar upon being released, so loud it shook the water around her, but soon after showed a bright smile as she leaned down to gently nuzzle her trainer, giving an oddly friendly growl as she did, "heehee That's a good girl Fury, cmon, we're going down to Dewford and we need a ride" Marianna said happily, Fury nodded and curled down into the sand, "well c'mon guys, all aboard!"