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Snippet #2592061

located in Hollywood, a part of Hollywood Scandal, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Merritt was already in her dressing room, she’d gone down the red carpet signing autographs with her husband. She was performing tonight and she was more than likely getting paid way more than the other performs with the exception of Violet who was hosting and her boyfriend Tate who was probably getting paid for his appearance alone. It was no secret that Merritt Greer the media and tabloid proclaimed Pop Princess of the twenty-first century was a spoiled diva with a bit of a bad attitude.

In fact, the only people that she treated with respect was her husband and her fans, other than that she thought of most as below her. She sat in a director’s chair in her dressing room. Someone worked on making her long blonde hair, with streaks of pink, perfectly straight. While another person worked on giving her pink and blue Smokey eyes. Her elbow rested on the arm of the chair while someone worked on making her nails perfectly manicured.

Her other phone scrolled through her social media sights currently she was on Twitter, tweeting replies to her fans, knowing that it made their day. “Merritt, why have you not finished your water.” the very proper voice of her, Candice Perry vocal couch lectured. “Get off that device this instant.” the women snapped, snatching the phone from Merritt. Candice was more like a mother to Merritt, then anything.

“Cool it Candy. I’ll drink the water, shit.” she reached forward downing the glass of water, she was craving a cigarette, but she knew she wouldn’t get one, Candice would have a heart attack if she knew Merritt was even thinking of lighting up. “Where the hell is Travy?” Merritt demanded an answer, before the door opened and Candy signed for the flowers that she already knew where from her husband. A dozen pink, electric blue, and purple roses that matched the dress she was wearing.


Travis had shown up with his wife, but when she’d slipped into her dressing room he’d disappeared to go and get her a Starbucks. He could only imagine what he looked like slipping out the back door and into his Lamborghini, that was parked out back so they didn’t have to take the limo to the after party, rolling up in the drive-thru. The girl at the window had practically passed out, she’d begged him for a picture and auto-graph before he was headed back to the venue. He was always thinking about Merritt, doing things for her that was adorable.

He moved quickly, careful not to mess up his tux or his hair. He hadn’t been exactly excited about the idea of wearing pink and white but Merritt had be persistent and in the end she one, she always did. In order to get to Merritt’s dressing room he had to go through the general area where everyone was mingling, he dodged people and slipped past quickly.

A couple of friends as well as old co-stars stopped him, making fun of him for his Starbucks drink, calling him whipped he simply laughed and talked for a moment before continuing through the crowed of blurry, yet familiar faces. He nearly ran into a small, beautiful blue haired girl but managed to stop himself just before knocking into her. He glanced up instantly knowing who she was and who her boyfriend was. Aside from him and Merritt they were Hollywood’s other favorite couple to fawn over. Not to mention he’d partied with Tate on more than one occasion.

“Shit.” He breathed. “Sorry guys.” he apologized for nearly destroying her designer dress with an iced coffee. He nodded to the two of them before slipping out the door finally and managing to get to Merritt’s dressing room before causing a disaster zone.

He handed her the drink, leaning in and kissing her lips gently, causing her to smirk against his lips. There was an irritated noise that came from her make-up artist that was no doubly made because he’d messed up her lipstick.

“You babe, are the best.” she breathed against his lips. He stepped away then letting her people finish up their work.

“I know.” he teased. “You look beautiful by the way.” He smirked as he sat down on the couch next to Candice, Merritt’s vocal couch.