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located in Hoenn, a part of Pokémon ORAS, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Tarynn Flannagan

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Tarynn leaned against the building listening to what the rest of team had to say, no having much to say herself she just listened. "So miss smokey are you gonna talk? It's hard to make friends if we don't talk about stuff" Marriana said addressing Tarynn. "Well, hello, the name's Tarynn, and I specialize in grass and fire types, and my preferred battle method is doubles, but I'm as efficient in singles as well. It seems we have a plan and with my lack of water types I appreciate the lift." She said rather matter of fact like. She rubbed the butt of her cigarette on the wall to put it out and then after checking the butt to ensure the flame was out put it in the trash. These guys sure are talkative, maybe we'll talk some battle strategy or something on the way, I hate pointless pleasantries... she thought to herself as they climbed on the large water serpent.

With the trip underway Tarynn was getting restless, she hated sitting still this long without a cigarette but out of respect for her comrades she elected not to light up while they were in such close quarters on poke back. She ended up settling for pulling out her zippo and playing with lighting and putting out, an age old time killer known to many smokers. "So ... " Tarnn began with the hopes of coaxing some useful information from her newfound team, "I was wondering what types you all trained and how you like to battle?" After a short pause she continued, "As I said I prefer doubles but we are just as effective in one on one match ups. We make great use of Ninetales's and Snivy's Sunny Day to boost my teams attacks working in tandem to be as effective as possible. At the moment Venosaur and Charmeleon are the core of the team but I have high hopes for Torchic and Snivy when the grow up a bit." Tarynn explained hoping to get the conversation flowing in a direction she actually enjoyed.