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located in California, a part of Welcome Back to Hollywood High, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Jasmine Villegas Character Portrait: Chadwick Arsenault Character Portrait: Catalina Perez Character Portrait: Ricardo Slim-Helú Character Portrait: Sienna Gancia Character Portrait: Stella Hudgens
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Stella was absolutely surprised when Jasmine told her about Izzy not closing the deal with Angelina. To put it plainly, Angelina was a slut. Stella wasn't judging her or anything. The senior liked having fun and if Stella judged her, she would have to judge Honey, Ricky, and Sienna. And if she couldn't find it in herself to judge her friends, she obviously couldn't judge this girl she was not friends with. But she was surprised nonetheless. She cooed at Jas saying that Izzy poured out his heart. "Aww, the poor baby!"

It was only a second later when Jas brought up the possibility of Honey and Chad having slept together. And with the immediacy of Honey's text, which stated that everything had been "taken care of" last night, Stella couldn't help but consider the same thing. She bounced on her toes excitedly and nodded quickly despite Jasmine's explanation on why she thought it could be a possibility. "Ooooh, I'm gonna ask!" Stella wasn't afraid of asking questions like these. She might constantly go on and on about Sienna polluting her virgin ears, but it didn't stop her from knowing and Honey didn't always hesitate in sharing certain facts. And Chad was involved and Stella had been their biggest shipper for some time now. She deserved to know updates! Upon Jas' looking ready to leave, Stella preened dramatically at the comment about Listers. "How else are we supposed to keep you all entertained?" She retorted with a wink and flipped her ponytail, opting to grab the tray the cookies and flutes were on in favor of giving them to Guadalupe on the way out. While she knew the older maid could come and fetch the items, she was used to not having staff members in their home unless they were at the larger estate.

Once the girls were downstairs, Guadalupe was already about the climb them and Stella beamed down at her. "Usted no tiene que venir de arriba. Yo no quiero molestarte con todo eso." She said and Guadalupe only smiled softly and took the tray carefully from the Prep. "Gracias, Stella. ¿Eres dos damas de salir ahora?" Guadalupe asked, gesturing to both Jasmine and Stella. The latter nodded. "Sí, I'll try to get her in before curfew," Stella told her with a little playful wink, linking arms with Jasmine and leading the blonde out of the large house. Once outside where Stella left her car, she glanced back at her best friend. "Feel like driving or do you wanna ride with me?"

While the guys were heavily immersed into their little competition downstairs, the girls were still in Sienna's recording studio. Once Sienna was done with her covers, she stepped out of the isolation booth and exhaled loosely, unscrewing the cap off of the water bottle she had with her and taking a few sips as Gregg looked through the material on his laptop. "Well? She pressed to the tech wizard and he grumbled something unintelligible, furiously typing on his keyboard. Rolling her eyes because this was something Stella would do too if she was really concentrated on something, Sienna glanced back at Honey. "What did you think? I kinda could use some advice considering you have more experience with the genre."