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Snippet #2593303

located in City of Pleuor, a part of Dissonance of the Retinentia, one of the many universes on RPG.

City of Pleuor

The Big City Of Dreams


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Character Portrait: Keiko Tsukiru Character Portrait: Rie
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"Hey! Eggplant!"Kei's eye brow twitched as he kept walking away. Sure he was use to it all, because of his looks, but it never stopped it from being irritating. "You could see me? You could hear me right?"

Dammit, a ghost... If this were true, he was going to ignore it while he could. But the thing was, this thing, this kid, didn't feel like the normal everyday spirits roaming around. In fact, he almost felt...human. Was that even possible? If it was, this was the first time he has ever felt it, but he has learned to never let go of that gut feeling. Shit.

He could feel the boy's eyes boring into him. This was going to be hard ignoring him. He was already found out. So ignoring him won't last too long. "You better not ignore me! I won't allow it!" See he knew it. Kids were so easy to predict, ghost or human, a kid was a kid.

The fact that his sleeve was being pulled made it impossible to ignore. You see Kei was overly sensitive when it came to any sorts of spirit. The more connected they are, the more they can use his energy to become more real. More human like. This included touching, becoming solid(not able to go through walls), and feeling, but the feeling was special, he Kei wanted to, he could let a ghost feel his warmth, heck he could even hug one as if they really were human. So if he was to ever date a ghost, sex would not be impossible for him or the ghost. But again, only if they were really connected, the less connected the less energy is shared. For now, the ghost is able to use his own energy. He must have been easily connected with a human source in order to do that though. Meaning he either wasn't dead, or there was another person out there with the same power as Kei or what Kei hated the most, the ghost was starting to turn demon and is able to murder and steal energy that way. That would explain what was being seen earlier.


A bed room exploded in flames and smoke quickly flooded the halls. He could hear what the boy had said, because there was another loud boom noise followed by another room catching on fire, but this time the door flung off and smashed into the wall. That was around the same time Kei was being shoved down onto the ground, instantly he covered his head slouching. The building was covered in to heavy of smoke, it was starting to make him a bit dizzy.

He glanced in the direction of the ghost as he coughing while talking to him. "Why are you in here anyway? Don't you know that sirens and screams meant to make people go away not make them come?" That was most likely true, outside of Kei'd world, the normal world. But if Kei hears a scream that meant, grab his sword and head for it. "We can't be here. Everyone will die..."

That was one thing he hated about ghosts. They were already dead, so why would they care about anyone living? He was about to say something, but he changed his mind and stood up. Tying his sword to his waist, he looked around and before he knew it, that boy grabbed his hand and started to take off running while dragging him along with. They were headed towards the front door by now.

But he had stopped, causing Kei to bump his chest into the boys back, but not hard enough to make them fall. "This way. We could get out without being seen." He looked up and noticed through the front door that Leon made it out safely, but the look on his face was worried and a bit frightened, looking up at the building, probably waiting for Kei to show up. Before he knew it, they were out of the building and in a park just outside of it.

As he looked to the burning building, his hand clutched onto his swords handle and his teeth were clenched together. There were probably people inside there burning to death. Families, helpless children and there was nothing he could do all because this kid dragged him out.

"There goes my house..." The sadness in his voice made Kei to glance slightly down at the small boy before him. And for a moment, his angered feelings turned to regret. So the boy lived here and couldn't let go. He wasn't a demon, he was a lost soul, bounded to the world without a choice, or for a reason.

"Oi! Eggplant who has no fashion sense." He looked at the man with a side way glance, their eyes meeting and locking with each others. This boy's eyes reminded him of a warm place, they were almost comforting and it was something he could stare at all day if he wanted to.

As he stared at the kid as he spoke and the more he looked, the more his blue eyes faded to bright golden color. This would always happen whenever he could see a spirit and the brighter of gold they got, the more settle the ghost was. If his eyes go black, it meant he was about to face a demon.

"What do you think you're planning wielding a sword like that? This is no Cosplay convention. You should not come back there. You will be killed. That place is not for people like you. Not anymore. So, where do you live? You'll take responsibility for this and me, right?"

Not like the place was for anyone now. But it was then he realized that he hadn't said anything yet. Rubbing his eyes, he took in a deep breath. "It's not a sword, it just seems like it. If anyone other than myself tries to wield it, only the handle will come out without a blade." He turned to face the boy and looked down at him. "In shorter terms, it's a sword handle that I can whiled my life force with to put spirits or demons at peace. Rmm, send them to the spirit world where they belong without hurting them." He rubbed the back of his head. He always did hate explaining things that made a scene in his head, but not in his words.

Taking a step closer he bent his upper body over to become face to face with this boy. "If you want to see where I live, tell me your name and what those things were. If not, then you can't come with me." He slid his finger down the boys jaw and slowly to his chin. He could tell that even though he wasn't touching flesh, that this boy had soft skin when he was living. It felt like satin or that soft marble feeling under his fingertips.

"Also." He said as he pulled away and started to walk back to the building to go get Leon. "Who says I could see you anyways, maybe it's just a one time thing. For all you know, the next day I wont be able to." He was lying of course, but he said this line so often that it didn't sound like a lie anymore.

As he looked away his eyes started to fade to his normal dark blue color and he started to light a cig that he had pulled out of his coat shirt.