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Snippet #2593511

located in City of Pleuor, a part of Dissonance of the Retinentia, one of the many universes on RPG.

City of Pleuor

The Big City Of Dreams


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Keiko Tsukiru Character Portrait: Rie
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"So basically you're a NEET who hunts demons and ghosts? Aren't you a way over your head? Those kinds of people have no sense of wrong. They'll kill you." He noted with the strictest sense of concern and facts.

"It's not that I'm in over my head or that I have no sense of wrong. I know whats right and wrong. But it's the fact I rather save someone's life, rather then care of my own. Leon though is a bit like you when it comes down to it. He doesn't get it himself either." He made a bit of a face before he had bent over and touched the boy's face like he had.

"Only Rie, huh?" Kei said as he then started to walk off towards the building, or in the direction to it. He had to get Leon if they were going to go anywhere. And after he had told the boy that this was all pretty much a fluke, he refused to believe it without hesitation along with the grab of the back of his shirt. This caused the buttons to snap off. His shirt flew open, revealing a black tang top and a not so thin body like most would assume. He was actually pretty well-built in body muscle, but nothing over the top. And he wore a necklace with a protection symbol on it. The symbol shined right up the moment it were revealed.

Quickly he took the protection symbol and hid it under his shirt so that it wouldn't make the boy sick. "Sorry, but try to keep away from it. It'll burn you're kind." His now back to golden eyes were serious as they locked with the boys pure lavender eyes. He didn't want him hurt, so he had taken the boy's arm by his wrist softly.

"You better take me with you and always look at me. It’s because of you my home was destroyed in the first place! Take responsibility you fashion crisis!" He then pulled away and crosses his arms over his chest.

"I will once you tell me what was going on. If not, you can stay here." Of course he wasn't truly serious about leaving a kid here, even if it were a ghost. But he had to get information out and this kid was being stubborn. If Leon saw this, he wouldn't take it lightly. While this was being said, as he took a puff of his cig. It was a long drag that seemed to have relaxed him.

"Are you really insensitive that you're smoking near a burning building?" He walked ahead of him and blocked his path, causing Kei to stop and look down at him, taking another drag. This time his eye brow corked up. "Anyway, you're better off leaving this place and changing that horrendous outfit you dared to call clothes." He took a deep breath and looked over his shoulders at the destroyed apartment complex. "...This is better... let it just burn..." His voice came out as distant and his eyes of purple had a faraway look.

"You want me to change? Do it yourself. I have to get Leon, he's my ride, you fool. I'm not walking across town." Kei treated the boy like a kid and ruffled his hair as he was about to pass by, but saw Leon coming.

"But that child..." He bit his lower lip and returned his attention to the fashion problem. "Why were you there anyway? I hardly think anyone called for you. I even doubt you can handle ghosts or demons."

As Kei reached for the boy's biting lip. Leon came up to them. He was a bit furious and he wasn't going to hold anything back. "The protection spell broke. What happened up there! You better not tell me that you save another ghost?" Leon eyed the empty air to where Kei's hand was touching, which was now the boy's chin.

"I did, but this time it's a kid. It was pretty bad. They caused the fires, apparently." Kei shrugged and shoved his hands in his pockets.

"Do we need Monk here?" He turned to look at the building that was now falling down.

"I think it could be fine. If there is anymore trouble around here, then yes."

Kei glanced down at Rie, but Leon reached over, offering Kei back his red glasses. Kei waved his hand that held the Cig.

"Nah, I wont block him out. For now."

Leon sighed and put the glasses away. "Right let's go for the night. I'm beat. I used too much energy."