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located in California, a part of Welcome Back to Hollywood High, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Jasmine Villegas Character Portrait: Edgar Beauchamp Character Portrait: Taylor & Tyler Cunningham
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The next day had came and Tyler was up before Taylor, making a small breakfast which consisted of their favorites. The aroma of bacon, eggs, pancakes and freshly squeezed orange juice filled the home, which had awakened Taylor. He came down the stairs and turned towards the kitchen, turning his head away from his brother. "Whoa! Don't need to see that." Taylor commented towards Tyler, who was dressed in nothing but a green pair of boxer briefs. Tyler turned his head towards Taylor with a smirk as he shook his head. "You're one to talk. I suddenly remember when someone stripped in Panama at our beach house." Taylor chuckled then look up in the air, muttering. "Good times, Good times." Tyler rolled his eyes and sat a plate down in front of Taylor.

Tyler then took a seat himself and picked up a piece of bacon and took a small bite into it. "So, what is on our schedule today?" Taylor shrugged his shoulders while putting a fork full of eggs into his mouth. Tyler sighed while lowering his head and playing around with his food. Taylor knew what that look meant as he sighed as well. "Maybe we could go out to the beach or something." Taylor said with the nod of his head and Tyler smiled. "I wonder what those people we met at the club last night are doing." Taylor shrugged his shoulders, again. "Don't know but seemingly we we're important enough to be invited." Tyler looked at Taylor with an unusual expression. "No, if someone had gotten a number last night we wouldn't be in this predicament." Tyler responded then chuckled. "You're one to talk. What about your little French friend?" Taylor countered as Tyler blushed a little bit.

Taylor shook his head while finishing his plate of breakfast up and walking over to the sink to rinse it off. Tyler eventually did the same as they both stood at the sink. "It's nice that we both met people but bad that neither one of us got a number." Tyler said as Taylor lowered his head with a chuckle then reached over and ruffled his brother's hair. "It's okay, bro. As long as we have each other, we don't need no one else." That caused Tyler to smile as Taylor walked off.

They both had showered and put on a fresh pair of clothing. Tyler had dressed himself in a gray muscle t-shirt with a pair of beach shorts on, as well. Taylor came down the stairs and stared at Tyler then himself. They were wearing the exact same thing and Tyler raised a brow. "I was wearing it first so I am not changing." Taylor ran back up the stairs and put on a white muscle t-shirt then came back down the stairs. "Perfect. Ready to go?" Tyler asked while standing up and eyed his brother. "Yeah." Was Taylor's simple answer. "Wait, how did you know that Edgar was French?" Tyler asked as they headed out of their house. "Ah, I finally have a name." Taylor said with a light chuckle.

Tyler blushed again then chuckled along with his brother while getting into his Mustang. Taylor smirked and ran over to get in his brother's car, jumping in the passenger seat. "You like this Edgar, huh?" Taylor asked as Tyler tried to push him out of the car. "I am not getting out of this car until I get an answer." Taylor said while buckling in his seat belt causing Tyler to roll his eyes and buckled up his seat belt as well. "What about your little girlfriend who you talked about?" Tyler countered towards Taylor, who glared at him. "Her name is Jasmine." Taylor said a little defensively as Tyler bit his bottom lip and they headed to the beach, which was filled up with people.

They both got out of the car as stretched then proceeded their trek onto the beach. They were the main attraction there, getting stares from girls and guys alike. They were a true spectacle as a guy came up to Tyler and asked for his number. Taylor stepped in front of his brother. "Back off! He's interested in someone else." Tyler raised a brow then nodded his head behind his brother, causing the random guy to step off. Tyler looked over at Taylor. "I don't need your help you know." Taylor smiled. "Sorry, older brother came out of me there." Tyler rolled his eyes as they continued walking along the shoreline, the water washing up over their feet.