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located in True Cross Academy, Fidel City, a part of Equipoise, one of the many universes on RPG.

True Cross Academy, Fidel City

Home of the Humans


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Ryuu Shosuke

The silence was troublesome. It only added to the tense air after Nathaniel’s attack towards her. Cold red orbs locked on to his blue-yellow ones. There was no sympathy in her eyes nor was there any in the lines of the grim expression that had settled on her features. His silence was beginning to work on her patience. The red head was never really patient to begin with but she understood her time with him was limited.

She raised a brow at his vague answer, for he answered her first question within one of his own. Not knowing what one was something she herself had dealt with in the past. Now she cares not for what she is and only dwells on what she can do because of it. A small spark kindled the warmth of her sympathy but Ryuu was quick to quell the miniscule amount of emotion, now was not the time. In response to his own question, Ryuu’s eyes danced along his physical body, trying to gauge any semblance of information that would lead her to an answer simply from what she saw before her. The Knight could see that he was beginning to revert to the persona she knew from working together with him as a fellow teacher.

“I drained them of their souls. The orbs are the same thing. I do not use stamina or mana as you do to power my capabilities and they are far more expansive than I have ever shown the Academy. I can do more but my power s-source..'' He looked away and the very action irritated her. Shortly after pausing, he continued with a lowered voice and shoulders. ''Is souls. From people demons or angels alike. I try not to feed often but I need to be careful lest I lose myself to my more primitive and volatile self. I can be very dangerous too dangerous for this world perhaps . . . '' His voice drifted off into silence.

Ryuu wasn’t sure of what to make of this. As she began to evaluate what he had just told her, Nathaniel continued. ''W-what... happens now, Ryuu? What will you do with me... to me? I am not blind to your lack of empathy towards me.'' Her eyes widened slightly at his statement of awareness but as he already knew she didn’t care. “It isn’t up to me on what to do with you. Do not call me by first name, we are not friends. At least not right now . . .” Her voice was cold and harsh however the latter was spoken quietly so that only Nathaniel could hear. The look in her eyes told him not to make note of her meaning and hopefully he caught on.

''I can see it...'' Eyes following his hand as they pointed to her chest. ''There. You do not have sympathy for me. You can barely understand as it is. Perhaps you never will, not that I can blame you. My place is a rather confusing one in this world and many others I have seen.'' A snort escaped her lips followed by a smirk that passed as quickly as it came. “Is that so?” ''So tell me what you are going to do with me now and be done with it.'' She could tell he himself was becoming impatient. Not knowing what would be done to you wasn’t an experience she would like to go through if she could help it.

“I have no authority over what is to be done to you. The only reason I’m in here speaking with you is because you called for me by name. It seems you wish for this conversation to be done however I’ve a question that has been bugging for a while now.” Ryuu looked over her shoulder at her fellow Knight. Their eyes met and it was surprising just how well they knew each other. He gave her the nod of okay and Ryuu turned back to Nathaniel. “What can be done with these orbs? Are they just that, orbs? Or is there something to them that you haven’t told me-I mean us?” At this point Ryuu was being careful with what she said. She realized that by referring to herself wasn’t a smart move but maybe, just maybe Nathaniel understood where she was getting at.

If her theory was right and if Nathaniel confirmed it, then it would mean the others are aware. It gave her all the more reason to keep them from getting their hands on those orbs. Although the Order stood for the protection of Fidel City, Ryuu was all too aware that they would not hesitate to use those orbs for their own personal gain. Especially now that certain factions have begun to stir due to recent events. Almost at once Ryuu’s train of thought went towards Aurora but now wasn’t the time to worry about her students.