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Snippet #2594746

located in Northpass, a part of The Tribes of Imos 2, one of the many universes on RPG.


The little village hidden in the mountains where the Shapeshifter tribe lives.


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Character Portrait: Canowicakte (Good hunter of the forest) Character Portrait: Kalagisa
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The argument had lasted well into the night. The tumult in the Longhouse would have been horrendous to any outsider, wall of sound, voices battling with one-another to be heard above the din of the linguistic battle. Canowicakte sat in silence. His ears were well-trained for this sort of debate and did not find it difficult to pick out the various arguments that were of the highest importance to the current matter. The main argument was perceptively clear to him.

The current gathering was split roughly down the middle. The one side were worried that by 'begging' (as they called it) for outside aid would show the tribe's weakness to the outsiders and warrant an attack on their land. The other side believed that if food and supplies for the coming winter were not obtained, the tribe would become weak, and therefore open to attack. Eventually the chief raised his hands for silence.

"I have heard your arguments, and have weighed them all fairly! It would appear, my friends, that we are at a stalemate. A half-and-half split. But there are many who have not had a voice. I therefore call for a vote. You all shall speak yea or nay for this matter. If the vote is against, we shall find an alternative solution. If it is yea, then preparations shall me made immediately for the provision of our diplomats and their escorts. So now, who is for this plan, and who is against!?"

The yea vote won by a single voice. The future of the clan was decided. Then, as the tribespeople were considering this fact in silence a voice rose from the shadows off to the left of Canowicakte's place by the fire.

“It would be my honor, Chief, to be said diplomat to the Air and Earth Tribes. I promise I will broker peace and come back with what this tribe needs to endure.”

Heads turned, whispered voices floated on the air. The chief smiled to himself. Kala. Of course it was Kala. The young shaman's growing wanderlust had been marked by many in the tribe.

"Kalagisa, step forward and be known to the people!"

After she had complied, he guestured for her to take a place by the fire. Elders were already shifting to make room for her. The High Priestess, attended by her acolytes, stepped forward with ceremonial paint. A nod from the chief and she began to trace it across Kalagisa's skin with her fingers. Markings to bring luck and protection, and to ward off evil spirits and magicks. Eventually she finished, and stepped back.

"I admire your spirit, Shaman. But we need two diplomats. I will not ask you to travel to both tribes yourself. Besides, we shall need you back here before the first snows begin to fall."

He turned to the gathering.

"Kalagisa will stand for us! Who else shall go as emissary?"

A young man from the back of the hall stepped forward.

"I shall go!"

Hiawatha, a young-blood warrior. He had a good heart, and was trustworthy.

"Step forward warrior and be known to the people."

The ritual was repeated. Kala sat to Canowicakte's left, Hiawatha to his right. The chief rose to his feet and held his hands out to the gathered tribespeople.

"We have our champions, our saviors! Make them known to you! Praise them as our greatest children!"

The uproar was unanimous. Even those who had opposed the plan cheered and clapped. A snatch of song began and was picked up. Soon the entire hall was singing the praise of the two volunteers. Canowicakte waited in patient silence, again smiling in his paternal way. Once the noise had again died down he spoke.

"A guard of ten warriors shall be sent with each. Hiawatha, you shall travel to the lands of the Earth Tribe. You shall take them furs, obsidian crafts and our finest bead-work. Kalagisa, you shall travel to the Air Tribe. Rugs, clothing and hides shall be your gift to them. Speak directly to their Chieftains and allow no others to take the gifts from you. If they offer aid, do not allow them to make promises of sending it at a later date. Leave with what we need, or do not leave until you have recieved it. Remember, we wish only for food. Do not become embroiled in their politicking. If they wish to speak of alliance pacts, aid in war or other matters besides then they may send their own diplomats to Northpass. Or better yet, they may come here themselves!"

This last remark brought forth a peal of laughter from the crowd. It had been a long time indeed since any of the other tribal rulers had seen fit to 'grace' Northpass with their presence.

"I will say this one last thing also. Do not travel through Water or Fire Tribe lands. We have had not had dealings with either, save in war, for many years. I do not know how they will recieve you. Journey to your appointed destinations and then return. And most of all, be safe."

He bowed his head reverently, respectfully to each in turn and then resumed his seat. The gathered people began to file out, heading for home. Canowicakte waited until all were gone and then removed the wolf-pelt from about his head and shoulders. He prayed to the Great Spirit that they would be successful in their mission.