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located in Taloria, a part of Tigers' Stripes, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Jacki looked out at the crowd from his bedroom. He had been there for a few years and still didn't see the entire point to this celebration. His mother still celebrated it back when they lived in America. Father never got into it. His younger siblings were all about it. To them it was like christmas. He looked over at his rock and began to mold it like he always does.

His father was down below selling pots that he had made. Jacki sat his rock blob down and watched it harden. "Honey your father needs help. I have to make dinner so your dad needs someone to translate." His mother called. Jacki rolled his eyes as he walked down the steps

"Whatever you say mom. But why me." He says reaching the bottom of the steps. "Because you are the oldest that still lives here." This comment made him roll his eyes again. "Ok fine. I will go help him"

Outside his dad had a staggering 2 customers. By the time Jacki sat down dad had already gave them what they want. "Mom thinks you need help." "I don't see why its not like its hard to understand that when someone points at something they want it." His father says. Jacki laughed. "So can I go for a walk?" His dad silently nods.

The festival was huge so far. He walked for ages. There were so many people. It almost seemed there was more here this year then there was last. Jacki kept walking until he reached a lessly populated area. He rubbed his golden hair. The water was beautiful. He had thought so ever since he came here. Kneeling by the water and looked in. He just sat there and stared into it. "Man, I wish i could go for a swim." He chuckled. "I don't feel like walking home wet and cold." Then the white flame caught his eye. "What was that? It looked cool." He says to the white haired girl standing next to the lamp.

((for those of you who don't know. whenever I use this he is speaking english)