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Alvina Erinyes

It seemed Alvina was had a curse on her today. Everything seemed to be ill timed today and already her master was in a foul mood with her. Though maybe this could benefit her, since the approaching prince of earth might instead earn the ire of Vincent. " He is here" she said in such a grim tone that could only ever denote her speaking of Chikyu. Her familiar Umbra, had fixed its gaze on Chikyu as soon as he entered the building, and upon her silent command it would not leave him either, and she was relayed ever bit of information, including his apparent mood, though you could never trust a demonic panther to gauge any emotions.

" You know.. i get that eery feeling of familiarity whenever i see you" she directed towards Chikyu as soon as he entered the room, using her familiars vision to time it, as she never looked round " the same lumbering, boorish demeanour, just like all my brothers.. but what can we help you with oh great Prince of Earth?" she said, listening to the prince. She didn't need to look at Vincent to know he was finding this boring, bordering on annoying, it was painfully predictable, and utterly unimaginative in its delivery. Still it helped confirm that Chikyu would undoubtedly be swift to react to any news that reaches his ears.

After Chikyu finished and finally left, Alvina let out a heavy sigh and focused once again back at Vincent. "He reacted quickly... though if he acted without correct information even he could not escape Satan's wrath" it would be a dangerous plan, but it was clear that he could prove a massive thorn in their side, and truly all that could be done was to try and turn Satan's favour even for the briefest of moments. She did not know either of the princes as well as they probably knew each other so despite her remarks she could offer no advice to Vincent about his rival. " Still.... our focus should be on the human world... Satan will have our hides if we came back empty handed.. and i have grown rather attached to mine" Placing her hand out to the side, she felt the nose of her familiar gently press against her hand, the panther wishing to sit by its mistress side. It was looking forward to exploring a new territory though Alvina would be swift to remind it that restrictions would be placed upon it, just like they would be placed upon herself. " Your familiar was not long ago in that realm.... anything we can use?"