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located in Paragon Inc Facility, a part of Morningside Research Facility, one of the many universes on RPG.

Paragon Inc Facility



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Character Portrait: Captain Edwin Nakai Character Portrait: #01675 - Eli
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Eli sat in the cafeteria, enjoying the mental cacophony. There were always so many minds to listen to, so many desires kept hidden, so many aberrations and psychological monstrosities to to cleanse, to exploit. He liked to hear that #41984 really wants a pack of crayons but no purple ones cuz’ they don’t taste right and am I a sheep prol’ly not but if I was- or that #12978 thinks this food is really terrible but the lady who serves it is really pretty but burning her is wrong like last time with the- and the guards.... The guards were harder to read, but just as rewarding. The third from the right has been grappling with her sexuality because if they found out me and Claire- or that the fat one near Eli is gonna shoot that white-eyed freak if he doesn't look away right this fu- Eli quickly averted his gaze before man had to make good on his promise. Some knew about his abilities or were angry enough that they didn't have to. Very well. He could enjoy the nerves just as much.

The nerves were all he could see without his Eye other than the solid walls and objects that littered the room. Nerves were different than thoughts; they couldn't tell Eli what their owner thought, but they could tell him what they were. There was the jagged and flickering nerves of the damaged, those who dragged themselves more by will than physical ability. The clustered bright nerves of the subjects with enhanced sense made the area where their sensory organs should be burn with light, and the mentally enhanced subjects brains acted like small suns in their splendor. A nervous system arcing and floating meant a regenerator or a shifter of some sort. For every power, for every little mutation or subtle augmentation, there was a change in the system.

His attention shifted to Captain Nakai, and with it, his motives. The Captain knew, of course, something was coming. Atlas was dangerous, too unstable, too alien. Almost guaranteed to go wrong, catastrophically so. However, Eli was reasonably certain he didn't know the scope of the coming storm. Eli himself had a hard time understanding the magnitude of the future events, which honestly made him feel...scared. He didn't get scared often, at all, really, but the thoughts he heard at night, the patterns he'd been seeing, the growing sense of dread emerging from the collective mind of the facility... it overwhelmed him. Whatever it was, it was going to be upon them very soon. Too soon. Eli hadn't edited enough minds, tested the personnel thoroughly enough. He had to start now, sow the seeds and reap the harvest of a stronger facility. So he undid his blindfold.

Eli felt the fabric slip from his fingers, the bright orange eye in his forehead darting madly in his head as it opened for the first time in hours. Clarity flooded his mind; he could see again, colors, textures, writing, everything jumped out at him and lifted him from his darkened state. The thoughts grew louder, coming from everywhere at once and being sorted with preternatural speed as his mind returned to it's natural state. Eli sighed deeply and focused, eyes locked on Captain Nakai, hoping for accidental eye contact. His mind reached out and found the Captain's, and his words came from within. You must be ready. It is starting. You see, but you do not see it all. It is so much bigger than you or I and the creature you fear is stirring it's nerves are like runes carved into the bones of a leviathan floating in the void and IT IS BUT ONE OF US- The rubber bullet struck his eye directly, severing any connection he may have had and stunning Eli. The fat guard grunted, a smug smirk plastered on his face as Eli slowly blindfolded himself and stumbled back into the crowd of monsters churning below the catwalk.