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located in Taloria, a part of Tigers' Stripes, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Ena Yumika
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Ena sat at her families booth as usual at the festival or whatever people wanted to really call it. She honestly really didn't care about it much so she could have cared less about what it was actually called. There were people around her and she started to feel more than a little uncomfortable. She wasn't the type to really like to be around others too much, crowds bothered her the most. Especially with her being so short she felt the urge to just storm away right then and there, it would have just made things a lot easier for herself and she wouldn't be so annoying at all and she could actually feel at peace. But for the sake of her grandmother she stayed. Ena had been dressed in a deep red kimono laces in black roses surrounding her frame, her hair pulled up into a braided bun at the top of her head and she was happy about the way her hair actually turned out. Out of everything she was very proud of the way she looked when it came down to theses type of events. But she didn’t like actually being there.

She gave the customer a soft smile she forced against her lips handing the young looking mother the stuffed animal. “Thank you!” The mother speaks. Ena gives her a smile and nods. “You’re welcome miss.” Her voice spoke with no emotions whatsoever. She felt a sharp pain in her side the moment the woman and daughter walked away. Her face twisted and she looked at her grandmother was right behind her with a scowl on her face. She couldn’t help but to laugh and shake her head at the one person she felt the most comfortable with in general. ”Lighten up! You’ll scare everyone here with that tone!”Her grandmother spoke to her. Ena’s face twisted at she rolled her eyes at the comment that was made. ”I don’t know these people, so therefore I don’t have to fake my emotions for them” She spoke swift and grinned at her grandmother. Her grandmother simply had shaken her head, going off and working the booth while she stayed behind. Ena looked around and noticed the people moving towards the center lake. She knew exactly would happen and held in the fact that she wanted to jump up and down. She loved the floating lanterns out of all things. It was honestly the best things and she honestly adored them, but would choose to not speak about it.
She turned around and decided against actually going out into the crowd. But even then she still had a lantern of her own for later when she would be alone. She couldn’t stand the crowded people and how they pushed and shoved. Knowing herself she would most likely pushed him back but harder. But, that wasn’t needed since she didn’t want to cause trouble for herself here. But she felt some weird urge in her. Something telling whispering but she couldnt quite grasp it at all. She wanted to know what it was. Without noticing she began to move her feet. Her hands trailing the trees as she passed them by one by one. She quite know what was actually leading her to that point. It was just a strong urge telling her to actually move on and go. Normally she just waited till everyone had gone on and moved away before she would have actually let the lantern up into the sky. But she couldn't wait to see the reasoning behind it whether it be good or bad