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Snippet #2595910

located in City of Pleuor, a part of Dissonance of the Retinentia, one of the many universes on RPG.

City of Pleuor

The Big City Of Dreams


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Keiko Tsukiru Character Portrait: Rie
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"I would, but something about you feels different. The touching is mandatory until I figure out why." He muttered as he itched the side of his head while thinking. This kid didn't feel like any old ghost. It was odd and it was bugging the crap out of Kei.

As Kei spoke to Rie before he replied to the ghost comment to Leon. And the whole monk thing on top of that all. But when Rie commented about the Monk, Kei couldn't help but laugh.

"What did it say?" Leon raised his eyebrow.

"Actually, it's a he and a child too, I think. Ah here let me show you." Kei grabbed Rie's hand with an easy gesture. This eyes flashed as if a light shined on them and went away fast. And with seconds past, a tingle sensation went up Kei's body and rolled down his arm to his hand. This caused him to lift his shoulder a bit. And within a minute, the boy felt warm and solid. "Tch, damn. I wasn't expecting that." Too much energy was being pulled from him too fast.

Leon's eyed the boy for the mere second that Rie was shown, but Kei let go and held his arm in pain. "What is it? What happened? Leon rushed to Kei and gripped him to support his weight.

"This kid is bound to someone, I felt it. No, I could almost see it. But it was blurry as if it was blocked memory and I was looking through a thick plastic." Standing up properly he rolled his shoulder and let it pop. "If you want me to help you, then you can't hide things from me. Everything will help. Even if you think it won't, or even if you think you are protecting me, I must know." He looked at Rie with a serious tone and facial expression. "Otherwise, I won't be able to help you. Do you understand?"

"Just bring the kid with you. And don't do that anymore, until you understand his situation. We need to get going before the cops spot us and think we did this." Leon jerked Kei by the arm and let go as he started to walk to the car.

Kei nodded and started to follow. "Fine, for now he can come. But that means you need to release the one barrier."

"I know, it's already in progress." He ruffled his hands through his white hair after popping a now lit cig into his mouth.

Kei and fallen asleep during the car ride and as soon as they got to the office, Kei went straight to the showers, washed off and slicked back his purple hair that now looked black from being wet. He brushed his teeth and stared at himself in the mirror. He had no makeup on right now and his hair looked normal for a while. He almost looked like his old self again. Shaking his head, he wrapped a towel around his waist and stepped out of the bathroom. Making his wait to the kitchen, he grabbed a juice jug and took a drink from it.

"You should really learn to dry yourself and get dressed before coming out here. Don't we have a guest today? It's rude." Leon throw a kitchen towel at Kei's chest. That to anyone surprise was well built and not scrawny like a Goth's chest would most likely be. But there was something off though, his back had what seemed to be claw marks run from his elbow up to his shoulder and down his shoulder blade. It looked as if something was trying to grab him, but couldn't and let go, just before the claws got to the ribcage. It was an old scar, you could tell from how it's been healed. "How's your shoulder today."

Kei shrugged and started to walk to his room. "It only hurt when I was thrown down today, but it's fine. I can still move it. Anyways I'm off to bed. I'm not hungry tonight." He waved his right hand to show he was fine and went straight to his room. Throwing on a black long sleeve and some black p.j pants.

Something was off though, it was quiet. It made him wonder if the boy left or was hiding. [/b]"Oi, Ghost boy?"[/b] Being called ghost seemed to always make the guy freak, so he figured this would make him show himself.