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located in Taloria, a part of Tigers' Stripes, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Taji was pulled suddenly jarred from his concentration with a searing wave of air, which sent his head spinning for a moment. With his concentration, his control of the wind broke as well, sending him plummeting to the ground below, the world blurring as he fell.

Forcing himself back into working order, he called the winds once again, catching himself right before he fell on top of some chick at the edge of the lake by mere inches. He blinked down at the two as something strange brushed across his senses - the air around the girl was... vibrating, in short bursts and waves.

The girl started to turn, and he quickly darted away and back into the foliage of the trees, wondering just what was up with that girl. It felt wrong - whatever it was she was doing, it had some level of effect over still air. The air was his. He would never use the air to harm another, but that this girl had the faintest potential to effect it, now that was disturbing, as was the idea that someone could harm another using it. The air was neutral. Without it, a person would die, but it would not actively seek to save someone either. It was blank, clear; and yet it gave life, and was filled with the things needed for survival of life. The fact that this stranger could effect it in any way, meant that she had the potential to harm someone, using it.

That was disturbing. He didn't like it. At all.

But, the air was neutral. He had know way of knowing if she even knew she was effecting it, judging by the sporadic small shifts, only very close to her skin. He could not know if the power that was causing it to shiver so would ever be used to cut through it and harm another. Maybe she would never do so. Maybe she would. But he would be keeping an eye on this one, for sure.