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located in Taloria, a part of Tigers' Stripes, one of the many universes on RPG.




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He's new to the culture? Yeah, it was safe for her to guess he was a foreigner. Her eyes left the moon's reflection to look over at Jacki again after a moment. She blinked, a bit confused as he stared with a scowl at the trees and such around them. Had she said or done anything wrong or offensive? No, not that she remembered. Then again, maybe she had. Whatever the case was, she shrugged it off, not really caring, and said, "I've lived in America for most of my life, so I'm not that used to these kinds of things either." She picked at the sleeves of her garment a tad distastefully. She was very uncomfortable in these clothes.

As soon as she finished talking, Rose heard a splash followed by a girl's voice, both seeming much louder to her ears than they really were. Actually, it seemed everything was becoming louder, the swishinf of the water, the rustling of the trees, the wind, people's voices and footsteps... She sighed, knowing this meant she'd somehow lost the grip she had on her abilities to block sound for the moment. Well, at least she was in a very isolated area rather than in a crowd. As long as no one screamed or banged a drum or something close to her it should be fine. After the girl's voice called for "Taboo," Rose saw something that made her face split into a grin. There was a kitty swimming towards them. She tapped Jacki on the wrist, giving a small but excited laugh as she said, "Look!" She watched as the kitty crawled out of the water and started to meow at them, "Isn't he cute?" Then the kitty's apparent owner appeared, apologizing in a quiet manner before shyly asking them about the festival. For someone who seemed so shy, her green hair sure stood out, not that Rose could really say anything with her white. She smiled and gave a small nod and shrug at the girls question, thinking she was as cute as her kitty. As she opened her mouth to answer, though, she froze.

It wasn't the strange sound pattern of the water near the girl that made her freeze, but the thing that had come up behind her and was sniffing at her. Rose's face went pale as she could feel the dog's nose at her hand. Her heart rate sped up as she tried to stay as still as possible with eyes wide.

W-w-why is there a d-dog here! she yelled in her mind, G-Go away! Make it go away!

Someone not to far away from them yelled, causing Rose to flinch, closing her eyes and quickly covering her ears as pain exploded in her head. Her ears were ringing, so as she let her hands fall back to her side, she couldn't really make out the last thing the boy she was now looking at said. What she did gather, though, was that the dog was his. It was still there, but at least it wasn't close to her any more. She was seriously annoyed right now, but of course the guy had no idea about her fear of dogs or her sensitive ears, so she couldn't really blame him. That didn't stop her from giving him a small glare, though.


Behind them, in the water, the moon's reflection was, in fact, expanding. When it finally reached the edge of the river, it stopped expanding, sprouting a small black dot in the middle of it. That began to expand as well, the vast amount of spiritual energy brought about by the gathering of the six in this one place acting as a sort of key to opening the spirit and demon realm.That wasn't the only reason, though. The first of the six seals was near its breaking point, the demon it held pushing against it and causing an imbalance in the world's spiritual energies, which could cause cracks between the two realities. Once he escaped from his prison, the demon vowed to destroy them. He would release his brothers and sisters from their prisons as well, and once again the world would be thrown into chaos.