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located in Mystic Fields, a part of A Love Impossible?, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Dialogue Color Code: Purple

Lumina smiled as she spun around in a circle as she swam in the waters. She was very excited that she had gotten the role she wanted in the musical that was going to be performed next month. She worked so hard to perfect the role and now that she had it, she couldn't seem to control her happiness. Lumina quickly swam over to Avalon when she noticed she was coming towards her. "I got the part!" she exclaimed as she grabbed a hold of her hands and spun around in a happy circle. She couldn't believe her dreams were starting to come true.

Though part of her knew there was something more to her than life underwater. She wanted to explore the land above, walk on the sand, feel it between her toes, dance. Everything was so interesting to her, she wanted to learn more about the human world. Experience it herself. But she knew that was most likely never going to happen.

Dialogue Color Code: Lime Green

Elijah had been having a great day, not only was he spending it with his best friend but he was able to make it onto the surf team. That was something he's been working for all his life and now he was on it with his best friend. "I can't believe I actually made it man," he stated as he came out of the water and stood his board up in the sand, holding onto it with one hand. "I can't wait until the first competition. I want to show them surfers what I've got," he stated with a chuckle. Elijah had always been a bit cocky, but he was never one to be a jerk with it. It was all in the fun.