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located in Mystic Fields, a part of A Love Impossible?, one of the many universes on RPG.

Mystic Fields



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Avalon swam over to her best friend Lumina. As she told her good news she spun around with her. "Thats amazing I am so happy for you!" She said in response.
She knew this would be fun and she was happy for her friend. She looked at her and smiled. "What if we did something to celebrate. Lets finally do it!"

She said smiling. "Let's go see some humans. We will hide behind a rock or something but we should see them? Come on what do you say?" She asked her friend


Derek looked at his friend Elijah. "Really! YAY good for you dude! Let's test the waves now what do you say?" He asked his guy friend.

He had been friends with the guy for a while and it was nice he finally made the surf team. Derek always loved surfing and this was sure going to be fun.