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Snippet #2601747

located in Boarding School, a part of Fairy Tale Boarding School, one of the many universes on RPG.

Boarding School



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Character Portrait: Anastasia Rivers Character Portrait: Leona Payne Character Portrait: Mason Wolfe Character Portrait: Victoria Carter Character Portrait: Bryson White Character Portrait: Drucilla Black Character Portrait: Zeke E. Rose Character Portrait: Ravena Heart
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Ana felt her cheeks warm up a bit when she felt his hands reach up to grab her's removing them from his eyes. "You know I practically have a living shadow Anastasia ... but its nice to see a friendly face here" she heard him state. She just chuckled a bit and shrugged her shoulders. "That doesn't mean I still can't have a little fun," she responded as she watched him turn around.

"Didn't think you'd still be here, I got hung up at the office I got my dorm number and roommate this guy Mason Wolfe, would you by any chance know who that is?" At the mention of Mason's name she just chuckled a bit and nodded her head. "Yeah, I think Ravena has a thing for him," she responded. "Though I'd be careful around him, he gives me a weird vibe. I'm not completely sure what it is, but it's strange. Makes she shiver just thinking about it," she warned before pulling her hair down out of the messy bun and shook her head a bit, allowing her locks to drape down over her shoulders.

From where Ana was standing she was able to see the ocean and man how she yearned to get herself out there, swim around, be free. She sighed a bit as she glanced to Zeke with a soft smile. "I think I'm going to head down to the beach a bit, do you want to join me?" she questioned as she slid her hands into her pockets and tilted her head to the left slightly.

Dialogue Color Code: Red

"I would love to learn how to play sports which one do you suggest to teach me?" Bryson smiled after hearing her answer. He was glad he was going to be able to do something like this for her, she might actually come to like sports and it would be because of him. "Well, what are you interested in? I could teach you football, baseball, soccer, tennis, anything really. There aren't many sports that I'm not knowledgeable about. Though a couple of them I suck at, but it's all good," he answered with a soft chuckle. He glanced up at the sky, finding that the sun was at its highest peak of the day, the heat was killing him so he hoped there was a vending machine or something around that he would be able to get a drink from.

Dialogue Color Code: Purple

Dru nodded her head and decided to just let the subject slide. If Leona didn't want to talk about the guy who just interrupted their lunch, though it was a very tasteless lunch, she wasn't going to push for it. As she noticed Leona beginning to head back to the dorm, she heard her mention something about cupcakes at the Home Ec station. Just the mention of it made her mouth water. It would be nice to have something that actually tastes good to get rid of the taste of her disgusting lunch. She couldn't believe she was going to have to deal with this disgusting food for the entire year, something she definitely didn't want to do but there was no point in complaining about it.

"Alright, I'll meet ya back at the dorm then," she stated as she stood back to her feet and started heading back towards the activities fair to look for the cupcakes. It didn't take long for her to find them, instantly pushing passed a couple of the other students and grabbed up the last two cupcakes. As she did this she noticed that there was another source of magic on the campus, one that she hadn't had any clue about. Dru just shrugged her shoulders and took a bite from the cupcakes before going back on her way.

"Hey, aren't you going to sign up for the class?" one of the students behind the Home Ec station called to her as she was walking away. Dru just smirked, "No, but the cupcakes are good," she stated as she snapped her fingers, starting a fire. She was definitely going to enjoy it here. It was just a matter of time before she would set the entire school on fire.

Dialogue Color Code: Red

Mason smirked when he noticed what was behind the door of the female's room. She was dressed in sexy, black lingerie which certainly didn't leave anything to his imagination. The male bit his lip as he noticed her snap her fingers and she was clothed. "Now, why'd you do that?" he stated, ignoring the last words she said. He didn't want to talk about Leona and that other girl, they were no longer any of his concern. If something were to happen to them, he wouldn't care. Though he did have a feeling that there was much more connecting the two of them than they even knew.

"So can I come in or are we going to stand in the hallway all day?" he questioned as he leaned against the door frame, catching a small glimpse of her room behind her. Ravena was certainly an intriguing girl, someone like he had never met before. In a way he believed it was a good thing and in another, bad.