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located in Mystic Fields, a part of A Love Impossible?, one of the many universes on RPG.

Mystic Fields



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Lumina couldn't believe what she was hearing. Avalon wanted to go see the humans with her. That was definitely something she never thought would come out of her mouth. But she jumped to the offer. "Yes! Let's do it! she stated as a huge smile plastered to her face as she began to swim up to the surface. Once her head popped up out of the water, she quickly retreated to one of the huge rocks and hid behind it, glancing around for any sign of the humans.

"Avalon, do you see any?" she questioned as she continued to scan over the waters. "Should we go closer?" she added.

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Elijah quickly nodded his head and started heading out to the water with his surfboard in hand. Once he was out deep enough he laid out on top of the board and started paddling his way through the water towards the waves. Though his eye caught something, it looked as if there were two females peeking out from behind a rock. He shook his head, finding that it was no way possible. If there was someone out that far in the water, there was no way they'd be able to swim around in it without being taken out into the ocean.

He spotted a huge wave coming out towards the two of them and he quickly stood up on his board and rode the wave. Surfing had always been one of his passions and now that he had someone to do it with, it just made it all the more fun for him.