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located in Mystic Fields, a part of A Love Impossible?, one of the many universes on RPG.

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As Avalon agreed she smiled and swam with her. Enjoying the fun of it. She went with Lumina to the surface. She had been watching once here and there on people. But no one was ever there.

She looked at Avalon as she spoke and looked at her. "I don't think so lets just wait for a minute." She said looking around through the waves.

There were two good looking men out there surfing. "Look I see some." She said pointing to them. Wondering if they noticed her as she had noticed them. She just hoped Lumina wasn't going to freak out or anything.


As he grabbed his surfboard and took off his hoodie and t-shirt he was ready. He swam out into the ocean. Waiting for a wave to hit. He then surfed through it.

He loved surfing it gave him a sense of joy which he needed right now. It was nice to just be out there having fun. As he continued to swim he saw his friend having fun too. After the third wave he noticed two females out there. He swam on his surfboard over to his friend.

"Hey should we go over and say hello?" He said after nudging him in the shoulder. He smiled and looked at them. Wondering if maybe his friend would go over with him and come say hello.