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located in Mystic Fields, a part of A Love Impossible?, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Lumina couldn't believe her eyes when she spotted the two men her friend pointed out. She immediately made a high pitched screech and immediately peaked out from behind the rock again. She always was interested in humans and it wasn't very much that she was able to ever see them, so this was an amazing chance. All she wanted to do was talk to them, but in a way she had a feeling that Avalon definitely wouldn't go for that thought. But still, she thought that she mind as well ask.

She turned to Avalon with a huge smile on her face. "So um, do you think we should go talk to them?" she questioned before returning her attention to the humans. "They're really cute," she added with a soft smirk and before she gave Avalon a chance to answer, she ducked down beneath the water and started swimming towards them.

Lumina glanced up at them from beneath the water, feeling a bit hesitant about the idea, but she knew this would most likely be her only chance to do this so she grew some balls and peaked her head up out of the water. Her long, brunette strands covered her bare breast, just enough that they weren't able to see them. She gave them a smile and spoke, "Hi, I'm Avalon," she stated to them.

Elijah glanced over towards Derek when he felt him give a nudge. After hearing his words he glanced in the direction he was looking and smirked. They certainly seemed highly attractive, though he was curious about why they were out that far to begin with. It was very dangerous to be out that far in the water. He shrugged his shoulders and nodded his head. Though before he was able to start making his way over towards them, he noticed a head pop up out of the water. He jumped a bit and chuckled, "You startled me," he stated to her, then noticed how she was dressed. She wasn't wearing anything covering her breasts. Elijah smirked and bit his lip a bit and nudged Derek.

"So, where is your friend?" he questioned as he glanced back out towards where he saw the two of them before, not seeing where she was. He sighed and turned his attention back to the half naked female before him and glanced at her up and down. He was growing extremely curious about who she was, what she was doing this far out in the water, and why she wasn't wearing anything covering her breasts? Though he didn't mind the half nakedness, he was just curious about the entire situation and he was sure his best friend was a bit curious about it as well.