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located in Academy City, a part of Academy City, one of the many universes on RPG.

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"AT night I feel fine. Since my portals are black I can easily hide if I need to be cautious. And besides, not many people could see us here. Those that could expect everyone to be below them. We are safer up here than anywhere, plus it gives us the element of surprise if we need it." Jackson feels something harder than normal when Kanno grips tight and takes a moment to think about it before continuing. "Hey Kanno, are you wearing armor or something? There is something hard connected to you. I can feel it even through our clothes." Clearly Jackson didn't really mind, his tone of voice was purely curious. And it wasn't like he was unfamiliar with cybernetics either. After all it was well known his mom had a cybernetic hand thanks to an accident when she was working sometime in the past.