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located in Academy City, a part of Academy City, one of the many universes on RPG.

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" Hmm...I see. Oh, my hand? I believe I had mentioned it to you before, I owe my life to my father. I was born with a crippled body, and it was through that he funded and oversaw that gave me a chance at a more..normal life. If I had been born anywhere but in Academy City I would dead more likely than not. After all, who wants a useless, crippled kid? Even so many decades after Academy City was first made by the Chairman, it still likes to hold onto all the technology that comes out of here. Of course, that doesn't make it alright for people to commit acts of terror and violence because one disagrees with the policies of cities. Some of the first generation espers are dead because of it. The existence of magic now also only makes humans so very afraid...."

Then suddenly, her mouth seemed to open itself and she asked, " Jackson, what would you think of a person who killed to keep the peace?" Realizing her mistake, Kanno smiled and rested her head on Jackson's shoulder. " Ahaha, sorry for these weird thoughts and questions of mine. I'm just tired."