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Jackson waved bye as Kanno went inside; he then lingered for a moment before opening a portal home. He walked through and into his room, "Well time to get some sleep. Things seem like they are going to be getting interesting from here on out." Jackson quickly fell asleep on his bed, making sure to get the rest he needed for the day ahead.

An hour before the party was to start Jackson and his parents left the house and made their way to the party's location. It didn't surprise Jackson to see the extravagant location that was also secluded from the rest of the city. It was clearly something that was intended especially for parties like this. "Here we are," Jackson's mom said as they parked the car. They were twenty minutes early, but were not the first to arrive.

"I wonder where Kanno is? I am sure she would already be here considering her father's position." Whether or not this was true was only a guess, but based on what Jackson had witnessed in the past it wouldn't surprise him at all. Jackson walked with his parents until they were passed the check point for invitations. From there he went off to the stairway; at the base was a table that had no one else at it. Jackson took a seat and created a portal a few feet from the ceiling pointing to him. He figured if Kanno remembered what he said last night about being high up she would see it and be able to find him if he didn't see her first.