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located in One Piece world, a part of The New Pirate Era v2, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Jarren gave an unsure chuckle, half-hearted as it was. Being called an abomination was a new one for him. He had been called a monster a number of times though none of it really bothered him. When he was asked of his plans a smiled played across his face. "My goal is to gather a crew and follow the stories of the Straw Hat pirates. Go around having fun, gathering treasure, eating good food and drinking good drink." Jarren look to his companion, still smiling happy as can be, "What's your name and what bring you to this area?"

As Jackson asks this the Marine from earlier comes around the corner down the road some ways. This time he brought his boss who was a big man. This higher ranked Marine was seven for tall and easily weighed three or four hundred pounds from muscle alone. As the first Marine pointed Jackson out the bigger one started his way towards Jackson. Even though such a large man was clearly headed towards Jackson he didn't show any signs of noticing the large man.