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Snippet #2608234

located in Pokémon: Johto, a part of Pokémon: Requiem, one of the many universes on RPG.

Pokémon: Johto



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Character Portrait: Valencia Destler Character Portrait: Aria Bell
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Aria watched the display of affection with soft eyes. Valencia wasn’t quite the touchy-feely kind with anyone accept for her, her family and the professor. She couldn’t blame her though, Birch was a very nice man, and had been one of the key pieces in her growing up. Aria was glad she had someone like him who could fill an almost family like role in her life. Aria herself had never been that close to the professor though, as she just wasn’t into his kind of work and was rarely around unless it had something to do with Valencia. She didn’t mind though, she wasn’t the kind of girl who needed to have all the same connections that her best friend did as well.

Once the taller girl had finished and said her goodbyes, Aria waved to the professor and headed out of the lab with her. The road to route 29 was short, and before no time they were standing at the edge of the treelike that acted like a bridge between New Bark and their new life. She paused and took Valencia’s hand. This way, they would be connected when they started their journeys. “Here we go…” She whispered and pulled Valencia along with her onto the route.

Route 29 was basically all forrest and high ledges that one couldn’t possibly climb up unless they had a ladder. It was filled with grass and flowers and trees that were probably prime Pokemon territory. It would take the greater part of the day to walk to Cherrygrove, but Aria didn’t mind. Maybe they would spot something new and exciting along the way. Just as she thought that, overhead flew a large swarm of Butterfree and Vivillons. She gasped and pointed at them happily, catching Valencia’s attention.

Long ago, Pokemon were only found in very specific regions and a Vivillon would have never been seen in Johto. Safari workers, as well as breeders and professors all came together many years ago to start rehoming abused and injured Pokemon who had fallen out of their packs, into new homes across land. Soon enough all the regions were blooming with new Pokemon to see and no one could really keep track of how many species there really were. Now, it was what Valencia aimed to do, track down all the Pokemon, input their data into her Pokedex and research them. Aria was willing to help as well.

“How long do you think this will take? Walking across the whole Johto Region… I mean, some of the kids who left a year ago still haven’t come back. As far as I know they haven’t even reached Ecruteak City.” She murmured and looked at her friend. Valencia was just better at estimation of time and numbers…. and just math in general.