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located in Verona, Pennsylvania, a part of All The World's A Stage, one of the many universes on RPG.

Verona, Pennsylvania



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Character Portrait: Beatrice O'Conelly Character Portrait: Benedict Cavillor Character Portrait: Ophelia Sprout Character Portrait: Paris Victor Character Portrait: Katherine Minola
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________________οΌ΄ο½ˆο½… οΌ³ο½ˆο½’ο½…ο½—_________________
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__"ΞΉ Π½Ξ±βˆ‚ Ξ± Π½Οƒβ„“Ρ” ΞΉΞ· ΠΌΡƒ нєαят Ξ±Ξ·βˆ‚ ΞΉ ωαѕ ℓσσкιηg ƒσя Ξ± ριєcΡ” Ρ‚Π½Ξ±Ρ‚ Ζ’ΞΉΡ‚."
_____________________βˆ‚ΞΉΞ±β„“ΟƒgΟ…Ρ” cΟƒβ„“ΟƒΡβœ§#6b856f
_____________________тнσυgΠ½Ρ‚ cΟƒβ„“ΟƒΡβœ¦ #854442

It was always interesting to walk through the town. She could see in people's body language what they were feeling, what they were thinking, and it was all just so fascinating. She was half tempted to abandon her walk and just take a seat on the park bench for some people watching. It was a quality past-time, and though it certainly wasn't as interesting as "reality" TV, the fabrication of the shows made them boring for her to sit through. She preferred the truth in all matters of the world.

Not so far away from her location, she saw the ever-engaging Benedict Cavillor approach the resident fairy child and bartender. She had been friends with Benedict in her childhood, the smallness of Verona allowing their age difference to be negligible. She supposed they were still friendly on some level, but things now were much, much different than they were when they were children.

Ophelia, on the other hand, was someone she had never really been all too close to. She was something of a dream, too unattainable, too pure for this world, and even as a much more agreeable child, it had intimidated her. Now, as an adult, it just made her uncomfortable. Ophelia's kindness made her feel almost guilty, and she much preferred to not have to deal with those feelings. Beatrice looks annoyed at Ben's presence, and Ben's wicked grin told Kat she had every right to be. She was far from Beatrice's friend, hadn't spoken to her much really, but she did admire the girl's quick mind and blunt honesty. If Kat had anything more than acquaintances, she's sure she'd like Beatrice to be one of those friends. Absentmindedly, she rubbed the soft waxy petals of the rose in her hand.

Then, suddenly, there was a body at her side tearing her away from her thoughts. The face she found herself staring at was attractive, certainly, but there was a smugness in his smile that put her off immediately. The facade of "charming" he had placed on seemed fake, forced. Instantly, she was suspicious of his motives for approaching her. Her eyes narrowed slightly as she watched his mouth move, hearing his name as her eyes darted down to his now outstretched hand. There was a beat as she merely looked at his hand, an eyebrow raised. Then slowly, making sure to convey the reluctance, she reached out and grasped his hand, shaking firmly and strongly, the way her father used to tell her businessmen would respect.

"Katherine," she answered, as coldly as possible without being outright rude, "to those that have any business using my name." It was far from subtle, and she hoped her chilling introduction was enough to dissuade him from attempting any further conversation as she turned on her heel and continued on in the direction she had been going in.