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located in Daertalmos, a part of Daertalmos Online, one of the many universes on RPG.


The world of Daertalmos.


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Character Portrait: Aoife Character Portrait: Licht
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"Some people just can't appreciate the finer things in life."

Dɪᴀʟᴏɢᴜᴇ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✦ #04731A || Tʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✧ #d6a71c

Ah, the wonderful feeling a person gets when they are recognized by someone who has decided they earned enough respect to idolize them was one of Licht's favorite feelings in the world. Though he was not one to pretend he was any greater than his fellow man (except when he literally did just that), he definitely appreciated the recognition fame sometimes earned him with a warm smile and an even warming feeling in the deepest part of his heart.

But that particularly welcomed sensation was nowhere to be found at the moment.

Instead, he found himself plagued with a deep feeling of confusion towards this woman's odd actions. Whatever she was saying made little sense to the Blademaster, who tried his best to decipher the alien language she was speaking as if he were an ambassador to the first contact with an unidentified lifeform, and his abilities could either end the world or provide it with a new ally. Naturally, this meant that he begun to feel very uncomfortable and nervous when negotiations had broke down before they even begun, and this creature threw sounds and noises at him that he could only interpret as words of war at him. But he tried his very best to ride it out and see if he could seize any opportunities to restore relations before war had actually broke out.

"So I am not just crazy, then? Ahaha! That's very good, very good indeed! I was worried that perhaps maybe I was more affected by this weird situation than I had originally thought, so it's good to know I'm not hallucinating!" Licht excitedly spoke with a bright smile before sighing in relief and also managing to seem completely ignorant to Aoife's aggravated tone. "You still seem to not understand the importance of cat ears, though, which is very unfortunate. But lets see here...." Licht's face became completely straight as he begun to inspect the girl, or rather, her armor.

He slowly circled her to ensure he could see and properly admire every inch of the armor before nodding his head approvingly and then speaking up. "Yes, yes. I do really enjoy the overall design. You sure made effective use of absolute territory, so I give you some extra points for that, and overall the armor, to me, manages to be very appealing to the eye without being revealing. I assume it's specifically a light armor?" he shook his head. "Well, that doesn't matter but the avatar you chose seems to wear it perfectly. Seeing it in-game makes me wish I rated it higher." done with his spontaneous review of her equipment, he raised an eyebrow and commented on something else he noticed. "You're missing a few pieces from what I remember..... uh...." Licht quickly glanced upwards, realizing he hadn't even looked at her username.

"Paladin of Light?" Licht took a moment to chuckle to himself upon seeing her title. How ironic, considering she probably did not like him one bit. "Well, A-oaf, the reason I am here at the moment is because unlike myself, most people are having rational responses to being told they've just been rused into being stuck inside a game they have just purchased and I figure things are only going to get even uglier within a very short amount of time. So I figured I would go kill some forest monsters and some time for a bit while things died down, and you just happened to be headed in the same direction.

So no, I am not following you. And also calling people 'not well' is rude. Probably. I am actually unsure what that means specifically but judging by the frown you have that is unfortunately not upsidedown, I will have to assume it was meant as some form of insult."