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located in Bale Forest (Levels 1-8), a part of Daertalmos Online, one of the many universes on RPG.

Bale Forest (Levels 1-8)

The entrance of the Bale Forest, full of low level monsters for newbie players. There are many paths and signs to help players find their way.


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Character Portrait: Veran, The Ranger
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Fifteen Minutes Later

Veran barely rolled out of the way of the charging Boreorc, being careful not to get in the path of the second one as it too charged in the other direction. They had the turn speed of a snail, but damn could they chrage.

In his hands was the Bronze Bow. He had already finished killing the five Slimes he needed to kill, so now he had leveled up to level 4, and he put his STR to 16 with nine of the nine skill points he received. He dealt enough damage to kill the Boreorcs in three hits, and that was a third of the way done because each had an arrow sticking out of their chests, but they didn't hit anything vital, being stopped at the bone. He'd misjudged the placement of the ribs, so instead of piercing their lungs or hearts it thudded into bone.

He'd been playing at this game for the last minute or so, dodging or rolling out of the way, aiming but canceling before needing to roll out of the way of another charge. At this point, it was a stalemate and would go to the one with more stamina. Both sides had wounds to show for it. The Boreorcs, had the arrows in their chest while Veran had a glowing red hole in his side. It was the first charge he had attempted to dodge, but he got blindsided by the other Boreorc and got dealt 22 damage, including his reduction and was now down to 110/132 HP, though it didn't hit anything vital, it still hurt like nothing else he'd experienced before. For now, he was trying to keep out of their grasp to come up with a plan to stop one. Which was when he noticed one shaking their head after slamming tree behind him. He smiled. The plan was made, and it was time to kill.

He again, stood in front of one tree, and waited for one of the Boreorcs to charge at him. This time, he rolled out of the way but stayed close lining up two point blank shots. One for the heart and one for the skull. He fire the two shots in quick succession, killing the Boreorc before it could recover. A moment of celebration was needed, and Veran took that moment to smile. It was that moment that Veran forgot about the other Boreorc.

It charged, and would have impaled Veran on its spear had it not been for his reflexes where he narrowly moved out of the way of the deadly blade, but he still got a shallow cut across his chest for his troubled, lowering him again by 22, leaving him at 88/132. It did not end there, for the Boreorc then backhanded him in the same charge, sending him flying due to the beast's Strength. Though it only did 11 damage, the environmental damage of him slamming into a tree served to be an equal amount of damage as to getting hit by the spear, leaving him at 66/132 HP. Coughing up a bit of blood, he knew he might have fractured a rib from the impact. Not enough to impair his abilities, but enough to slow him down. So when the Boreorc slammed into a tree that was next to the tree he stood by, he knew that was his only chance to get a breather. He didn't want to risk pulling out a health potion and drink it in case the Boreorc recovered quickly and charged him again, so for the moment, he stood up to steady himself, which is when he heard the roar of another Boreorc in the clearing. A uninjured, fully rested, fresh, Boreorc.

Veran cursed his luck. He had another to deal with.